Other Royal Rumble stuff

Hi Scott,
I have reserved myself to the fact that Roman is going to win the Rumble match and become the next undisputed Bootista. Now I'm trying to find some silver linings to the rest of the show:
1) Sadly, we won't be seeing Kharma as a surprise entrant since she is back in TNA. Is there ANYONE you see showing up unexpectedly and get a huge pop? I'm not talking about Orton, Jericho, RVD, or any of the announce team, but someone who fans would want to see.
2) The New Day has a match scheduled but what is a Rumble without Kofi's annual crazy spot to avoid elimination? What do you think Kofi will pull out this year? I had a vision of him being in the ring at the same time as Adam Rose, where Kofi gets tossed out but is caught by the Rosebuds/Exotic Express (or whatever) and they crowd surf him back into the ring.
3) And lastly, is there any point to the Ascension/ NAO match? Is it just a matter of time before they are sent back to NXT to be repackaged?

​1. I've heard the Dudleyz as the biggest name, which would be fun and get a huge pop in Philly.  Really, using them to destroy the Ascension as a mystery team opponent would have been even better, but apparently no one in WWE actually watches wrestling and remembers that kind of thing anyway.
2.  Yeah, the body surf spot basically writes itself.  I've heard another awesome theory, which is that Daniel Bryan will get "injured" and taken out of the Rumble by the Authority earlier in the show and the fans get all pissed off at Reigns seeming to be the winner, until the Bunny enters at #30, gets the surprise win, and then unmasks himself as Bryan.  ​

​3.  Ain't no repackaging for the Ascension.  Much like Adam Rose, if this doesn't work, they're looking for other work.  They're too old to send down again and WWE would just save money by cutting them loose.  And no, I have no idea what the point is supposed to be.  ​