RF Video Shoot Interview with Kimberly Page

This was filmed in 2007

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs for one hour and forty-seven minutes long.

The interview starts with Kimberly being asked if she was a fan of wrestling growing up. She said she has first introduced to it in the 3rd grade when one of her friends was a big fan of Dusty Rhodes, even having his posters on her wall. She then watched it at home but Kimberly’s mom told her to turn it off as she thought it was too violent for her to watch. As she got into high school, one of her friends was obsessed with Michael PS Hayes and she began to watch it again then started to watch more as the WWF was starting the Rock n’ Wrestling programming and became a fan of that. She briefly talks about being struck by how beautiful Elizabeth while watching her in the program with Hogan and Savage.

She then talks about how she loved school and graduated from college Magna Cum Laude with a Public Relations and Journalism Degree from Auburn University. Kimberly also said that she started school at a very early age and was 17 when she began college and graduated at age 20. After graduating, she applied to graduate school and got iaccepted into Duke and Northwestern University for Law School and also got accepted to Northwestern for a Marketing and Communications Program, which is what she ending up doing.

Kimberly first met DDP while partying in Florida. She was teaching aerobics at a Women’s Health Club at the time and walked into a nightclub and met DDP. She was on a date with another guy at the time, who walked ahead of her on the floor. DDP then swooped in and they did a few shots when DDP noticed that Kimberly, who was a few days shy of her 21st birthday, did not have a bracelet indicating that she was old enough to drink. She left and he saw him again a few days later and said that he had a lot of “good lines” as he talked to her about what she liked and schooling. Kimberly also said that he was a great listener as well. They went on a few dates and she went back to school and a day or so after that he left her a message. She said that were both dating other people at the time too but after a few months they became exclusive.

They go into their relationship again as Kimberly talks about falling in love with DDP and how when she went to Northwestern, he was supportive of her.

She talks about going to the TV tapings in Tampa with DDP when he managed in Florida. Kimberly said DDP smartened her up on how to act backstage and would sit quietly backstage and amazed about how all of the guys prepared for the show. She said that she really respected the wrestlers and how they performed, saying there is a certain art to what wrestlers do but at the same time said some of the stories were hokey and seemed to be written by hacks but was into the characters.

On her first appearance as one of DDP’s “Diamond Dolls,” Kimberly said that they would usually have wrestlers girlfriends go out but one night they didnt have anyone so DDP suggested that she go out. At first, Kimberly was weary as she had a professional job and didnt want to be seen dressed in all sequence but she went out and did it and after it ended she thought to herself that it was “fucking great” to be out there and after that, she knew she wanted to get out of the advertising career and wanted to be in front of the camera.

When she started to have more camera time on the shows, Kimberly said she never knew if she was supposed to act as a heel or a face and since DDP was a heel she picked up on his mannerisms and started to do that when she came out and was taken aback by how much heat she got from the fans, saying that there is something about a female who acts like a strong heel that pisses off the fans. After that, DDP told her that they should do a deal similar to Savage/Liz where she comes out looking sexy while DDP browbeats her every chance he gets.

Kimberly is now asked on the hardest part of the business. She said that for her it was following the leads of the wrestlers, who were all improvising. She then said that DDP was easy in that regard and talks about how he was a lot tighter in laying out his matches before hand than others. Kimberly also said it was tough to remember all of the names of the moves at first too when she was told to remember what to do during certain spots. She talks about how she got lost at first but said that DDP would always make sure to help her out if she missed a spot by yelling her name during the match.

When asked if any of the wrestlers helped her out, Kimberly said that Sherri Martel was very welcoming. Looking back, Kimberly said that she had probably done a lot of stuff to get heat in the women’s locker room, like showing up early as possible in order to get the spot in the dressing room in front of the mirror, which she later learned went to the girl with the most seniority, but said Sherri was cool about everything. When other women with tenure in the business started to come into the company, they were tougher on her but Kimberly again talks about how kind Sherri was from day one.

She is asked about Eric Bischoff as a boss. Kimberly said he came in after they did and knew when he came in the company would change as he has a strong vision and creative mind. Kimberly also said she is surprised that he hasn’t wound up as a film director because he knows exactly what he wants to see in front of the camera. Kimberly then says as time went on he became more difficult to work for and attributes that to him being overworked. She then talks about being neighbors with him and talks about how she felt that Bischoff would be harder on them because they were friends and knew that if he was hard on them it wouldn’t jeopardize their friendship as a result.

Kimberly said that Madusa was fantastic to her. When she was told that she would have to learn to wrestle and know how to take a bump, she was nervous and did not want to do that but realized it is a wrestling show and even Bischoff broke it down to her like that and how she would be expected to take a bump every now and then. She said at first she had no clue at all what to do in the ring while training and credits Madusa for teaching her.

When asked about the Dave Sullivan love triangle feud, Kimberly talks about how she recently transferred her video tape of that feud to DVD and said that she enjoyed it then talks about how DDP actually directed those segments. She felt that the segment came off better than people give it credit for and thought it was funny.

On managing Johnny B. Badd, Kimberly said that she did not want to do that as he started to date Rena (Sable) at the time, who wanted to get into the business. Kimberly said that Rena claimed to not have been mad by that then talks about how they maintained kayfabe back then so he traveled with him to the shows. Kimberly says that he likes him a lot and was bummed when he left and that also gave her nothing to do.

She talks about traveling on the road with your significant other and how it can be hard. She then said it became a lot harder as DDP became more popular as he was getting strained. She said that they would work out their problems as DDP did not want to go to bed angry.

When asked about politics in the business, Kimberly talked about DDP getting more influence as he became popular before talking about herself and how her ego grew as the Nitro Girls became popular. She then said that she watched DDP handle fame, calling him the “God of all Marks” because no matter what he was doing he would still take time out in order to talk to fans.

She wound up as the “Booty Girl” for Brutus Beefcake’s “Booty Man” gimmick after it was suggested by Kevin Sullivan and Hulk Hogan. Kimberly said she had no idea her character would be the “Booty Girl” at first and looked forward to it but felt embarrassed having to yell “booty girl” all the time.

When asked about having to work with Randy Savage, Kimberly said that he is one of the most intense performers she has worked with and said that as soon as the light of the camera went on he became a whole other person and it was easy to have drama on camera as a result. Rob then tells Kimberly how DDP told him a story about her telling Randy to lay into her when he had to put his hands on her as DDP told her she was crazy. Kimberly laughs and said that when he whipped her around by the hair, she was sorry that she said that to him and after the segment she went backstage to tell Elizabeth to tell Savage not to lay into her anymore. She said that she got along with Elizabeth and got nervous around her at first because she was such a fan but found her to be really sweet and unassuming. She then said that she found out something was wrong when she moved to Atlanta because when she would call, Elizabeth never called her back and was always in her apartment. She then said that her attitude changed as she became more reserved and standoffish then became suspicious something was going on but had no idea what it was until she passed away.

When asked about those who say that the only reason her or DDP got their position due to being friends with Bischoff, Kimberly said that anyone who disliked their characters will look at that first as the excuse because it is easy to say but that it would be hard to find someone who worked as hard as DDP before saying that of course the reason she got her push was due to that and DDP, who was the only reason she even got into the business to begin with. She said that she took her job seriously and took on the responsibility with the Nitro Girls and never missed a day of work

On how the Nitro Girls were created, Kimberly said that Bischoff came to her house and wanted to get her involved more with the show and thought about wrestling cheerleaders of sorts. Kimberly then suggested that they be like the Laker Girls, meaning they do their own thing when there is not any action going on in the ring so they are not a distraction from the wrestlers. She also suggested that they do that coming back from break and while going to break it could keep the energy going and Bischoff liked that and said it would be on TV in three weeks.

Kimberly talks about how she had certain looks she wanted for the girls, stating that she wanted characters that were similar to wrestlers and all looked different because she knew in her mind everyone was going to pick their favorite the first time they saw them on TV. She said the tough thing in the audition process was finding those who could actually dance. Kimberly said that she had a girl for the “pixie blond” role but said that she was too innocent looking for TV and didnt think the fans would respond well to her so she asked her friend Melissa if she was willing to die her hair blond and cut it short and she became Nitro Girl Spice.

She said that Nitro Girl Tayo was the first one to be let go as while she had the most experience, she rarely showed up to rehearsal then show up to Nitro and demand that she dance while Kimberly said that this was a job but she demanded to dance anyway and it got to the point that she had to call the VP of the company, who told Tayo that she was fired. After that, Tayo would still show up to Nitro shows and demand to dance and even went to Kimberly’s home and banged on her door. She also went as far as calling her from the neighbor’s home. The following year when they held another audition, she showed up and they had to ask her to leave.

At first she was against bringing on Nitro Girl Whisper (The current wife of Shawn Michaels). Kimberly said that Whisper was brought in because an executive saw her at a football game and wanted her in the company and that she was already the tall brunette in the group but that changed when she first saw her and realized she was a complete knockout and realized they needed to have her on the show. She said the other girls were afraid Whisper would steal all of their attention but that was not the case.

When asked if some of the guys were upset about the amount of attention they got, Kimberly said yes and never figured out why as they were the “T&A” off the show and did something that they were unable to do as a result.

Kimberly talks about the success of the Nitro Girls and how they sold one million calendars despite next to nothing in terms of promotion and got their own PPV but was not getting any more pay, despite having more responsibility. She said that when Torrie Wilson got hired the gossip around the locker room was about how she signed for a lot of money so Kimberly was able to use that as an example for why she deserved a raise and she did. However, she learned that more money does not mean you will feel less stressed or cause your problems to go away.

She talks about Vince Russo coming into WCW and how he wanted to get rid of the Nitro Girls. Kimberly thought it was dumb because they were a little side project that made the company some money but then said he wanted to make her more of an on screen character and also wanted to give some of the other girls chances to be characters as well. Russo then told her he wanted to make her a heel and have a big storyline revolving around that.

When asked about Hulk Hogan, Kimberly said that he showed up late and went to his locker room but was pleasant. She said that Sting was always phenomenal to work with and thought his transition into the Crow character was brilliant.

She is then asked about the politics when Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hogan came on board. Kimberly laughed and said it was all a blur but noticed the crowds and even the hotel rooms were bigger and notes how they first went to Europe with Hogan as part of the company and finally got to stay at nice hotels instead of the crappy ones they were at before.

Kimberly talks about Tammy Sytch, who accused Kimberly of ratting her out to Bischoff for using drugs. She said that in the locker room someone found a syringe on the floor of a stall. She said that she knew that drug use was rampant but stayed out of that, unless it involved one of the Nitro Girls. So, she sat out in the hallway as someone reported it to Bischoff and that was what happened. Kimberly said she met Tammy a few times when she was working in the WWF and was sweet but by the time she got to WCW, she had changed.

She now talks about the end of her run and how she was unhappy and how DDP was gone way too much. She said that the straw that broke the camel’s back was Scott Steiner. Kimberly said that Russo kept wanting her to get involved physically, despite her just wanting to be a character instead of a wrestler. Russo then wanted her to flash Steiner as part of a storyline but it wouldnt be real as it was pixilated. When she fought against the idea, Steiner told her that they were the ones that put the asses in the seats then yelled at her some more, calling her a “cunt” in the process while starting to get into her space. Kimberly then said the stormed off and went to Bischoff and after that she decided that it was enough and she quit the company. He said that a few weeks later Steiner came up to her in the gym to apologize and she accepted that and was much happier just from being away from the company, which she said was a sinking ship.

Kimberly was surprised when WCW got sold to Vince as she thought the group Bischoff put together had a deal in place. She then said that the WWF did not approach her to come into the company.

Onto her divorce from DDP. Kimberly said that she was only 20 when she married DDP, who was 33 at the time and she became more independent as she got older and they grew apart.

Today, Kimberly works as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a fine art company. She moved to Los Angeles after the divorce and became an interior designer and now she lives in Salt Lake City to be closer to the mountains as she loves to ski.

When asked about her movie and TV roles, Kimberly said that she got herself an agent and took acting classes and got a few roles, including her role in the “40 Year Old Virgin.” When asked about the differences between wrestling and Hollywood she said that there is not as much as you might think as both have a lot of nepotism and politics and that a majority of TV/Film acting is being expected to deliver a great performance with terrible material, just like what you see in wrestling.

Kimberly said that she has not spoken to Bischoff in two years but does occasionally communicate with his wife via email.

On the “Gold Club” scandal, Kimberly said it was stupid. She said that the strip club scene in Atlanta is totally different than anywhere else in the company as you could go there and just chill and dance like it was a regular club while some guys would go and watch the strippers. Kimberly then said the rumors about her and DDP swapping partners with the Bischoff’s was false and would consider that disgusting, as they are like family. She also said that Bischoff was extremely devoted to his wife.

About posing for Playboy Magazine, Bischoff was upset at first because of a morality clause in WCW as Kimberly said that she was not doing Penthouse or anything and saw it as good press.

She regrets not paying more attention to the warning signs about Elizabeth being in trouble and that she should have called attention to what was happening. Kimberly seemed pretty broken up about this. When asked whether or not see holds Lex responsible for what happened, she said both yes as no as she was angry at him first, feeling that he took her down this path but at the end of the day we are all our own people and you have to make your own choices and take responsibility.

Kimberly then talks about her workout program she developed with DDP after he was having a lot of pain. She said that she started yoga after having joint pain and felt great so she told DDP to try it out and he thought yoga was for “girls and fags,” thinking it was useless but she convinced him to do it and after a while he got hooked and started to get very good at it and wanted to look for other guys that practiced it to make him feel more comfortable and found him a trainer, who ironically enough died shortly afterwards, then found someone else and developed yoga for guys videos for all sorts of backgrounds. She said they are going to take it on a National level soon and the interviews ends after that.

Final Thoughts: Eh, this wasn’t much of an interview. Kimberly came across well and down-to-earth and we heard a few decent stories but there wasnt enough to really hold my attention here to be honest.

Oddly enough, RF Video filmed a shoot the previous day with DDP. Only a few questions were brought up about that and these two seemed to have a fairly amicable split at this time.

Kimberly seemed to know her role and place looking back and I havent heard a whole lot of bad things said about her either.

I do not really recommend this shoot though. Kimberly did fine with the questions but the problem was that the questions were not all that interesting to begin with. She did show a lot more insight into wrestling than I thought.

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