Wrestlemania 2 main event


Watching some old SNME on the network. Quick question about the main event of Wrestlemania 2. Was Bundy the plan all along to face Hogan? Just the SNME before Hogan had a good program going with Terry Funk. The whole Bundy deal seemed to be rushed to me. I've also heard different rumors throughout the years that Vince wanted to run Savage/Funk/Piper and even Nikita Koloff instead. Any truth to any of these and what would you have went with if you were Vince.

​Oh, I would have went with Hogan-Piper in a heartbeat.  However, Piper wasn't going to lay down for him, so it just wouldn't have happened.  And yes, Vince was desperately trying to get Nikita Koloff and would have definitely run that one instead, but Koloff didn't want to jump.  I don't see Terry Funk headlining, as he was little more than a midcard guy at that point and I believe had already done the house show circuit and SNME blowoff against Hogan.  Given the choices and given that you don't want Savage to get beat that early and Piper wasn't gonna let it happen, Bundy was as good as anyone.  ​