WCW’s Third Hour

Hey Scott,

How does WCW's 3 hour shows compare to WWE's? I never watched their program start to finish during that time, but I don't remember people complaining about the extra hour in 1998 or ever stating that it had anything to do with WCW losing the MNW.

​a)  People absolutely complained loudly and repeatedly about Nitro's third hour.  That being said, at least WCW had a giant roster of guys they could use to fill that time.
b)  I only watched Thunder at that point because I couldn't be bothered to sit through 3 hours of Nitro, especially since TSN would typically delay the airing until Tuesday or later.  So I couldn't even offer much of an opinion anyway.  As I've said many times, my experiences in the Monday Night Wars were very much focused only on the WWF side of things.  ​