Daniel Bryan

Scott – now that it's been a year since the Daniel Bryan/crowd hijacking stuff I want to ask a couple of questions…….

1. Has anything like that ever happened in wrestling before?  If so, what/who was involved.

2.  Does the whole thing get enough credit for being a huge deal?  I mean correct me if I'm wrong – but didn't the audience basically change the entire direction of the company – at least from royal rumble to wrestlemania XXX?  That's pretty amazing to me.

3.  Do you think DB will have the same crowd support/momentum when he's back or has the moment passed?


​Finally, a fresh topic.
1. I'd say the closest analog was Hulk Hogan getting all those title shots in the AWA because Verne was basically forced into it by crowd reactions, but the dynamic there was totally different, as clearly Hogan was the future of the business and the AWA couldn't actually lock him down.  Other than that, it was such a unique situation with a perfect storm of factors like the Batista backlash that I doubt it will ever be duplicated again.  
2.  ​Well, no matter what happened we were always gonna get Brock Lesnar as champion by Summerslam and John Cena on top again, so I'd say "changed the direction of the company" is going a bit far.  
3.  Depends on how much Philly hates Roman Reigns, I guess.