Inclusion of Rollins


Just heard that Seth Rollins was added to the Lesnar/Cena title match. Do you expect that to stick as a 3 way and if so what are your expectations for the match/outcome? If Brock is leaving why not just blow off his feud with Cena once and for all.
​My expectation is that they wanted to get the title of Brock before Wrestlemania in case of shenanigans with the contract negotiations, which is probably smart.  You don't want Brock holding that over your head.  But they don't want to beat him, so they'll have Cena and Rollins do the finish.  Either way Seth walks out as the champion, either by pinning Cena during the match, or cashing in afterwards.  Someone in the Daily Update thread hit the nail on the head, I think, with Cena beating Rollins to win the title and then a crazed Brock destroying everyone in anger.  Then the Authority cashes in on Rollins' behalf, puts him on top of Cena, and thus everyone looks like complete morons while Brock makes millions from his new UFC deal.  Either way, it's clear that this Brock shit isn't working and isn't justifying his pay, and it's also clear that Roman Reigns just isn't the guy and putting him over Brock for the title isn't the move that's gonna light the promotion on fire.  ​