Liz’s Return in ’96

As we're getting to this point in your reviews – what's the story behind Liz returning to wrestling in '96? It never quite seemed like she was actually enjoying herself during her WCW run. Did they just offer her a ton of money because they thought it would add to the Flair-Savage angle? Did Savage not balk at having his ex-wife get involved this way? Just plays as really strange.
Yeah, she was working retail and they wanted to get all the mainstream attention they could at that point, so they offered her a shitload of money to come back.  Neither her nor Savage were particularly comfortable with the idea, but business is business.  Even when they were paired together again with the nWo they were still icy with each other, apparently.  I don't know if the Savage doc goes into detail about it, but I'm really curious to watch it and see what they say about it, actually.  ​