Monday Nitro – August 9, 1999

Nitro #200
Date: August 9, 1999
Location: Idaho Center,
Boise, Idaho
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
at a milestone show here and there’s a pretty well known main event.
At the moment we have the battle of the old guys with feuds ranging
from Kevin Nash vs. Hollywood Hogan, Rick Steiner vs. Goldberg and
Sting vs. Sid Vicious. That sounds like a reason to mix those guys
up in a big match. Oh and we have country music with Chad Brock.
Yeah I don’t remember him either. This is also the go home show for
Road Wild. Let’s get to it.

Quick recap of the end
of last week’s show.
Tony is back on
commentary with no reason given for his absence. He does however
have an announcement: Dusty Rhodes is now head of the WCW
Championship Committee. Wasn’t he last seen as part of the NWO?
Norman Smiley/Lash
Leroux/Prince Iaukea vs. Vampiro/Insane Clown Posse
Raven is in the corner and has officially named the team the Dead
Pool. Do they like chimichangas? Vampiro and Lash get things going
with some chops back and forth. Tony is back to his old standard by
randomly talking about Nash vs. Hogan. Off to the Prince for his
selection of right hands but Vampiro hits a kind of throwing
powerbomb. You would think Norman or Lash would have done something
given that he powerbombed Iaukea out of their corner, but my guess is
they’re trying to figure out why the Insane Clown Posse is wrestling
a match in Idaho.
Violent J. (called Jack
Jeckyl by Tony. To be fair that’s what it says on his jersey) hits a
decent suplex before playing Neidhart to Vampiro’s Hart in a Hart
Attack. Shaggy comes in for a bad looking DDT but Prince sweeps the
legs to take over. To make things worse, Shaggy’s shorts are falling
down. Norman tries to come in to help Iaukea but it just allows
Vampiro to hit him low.
J. drops a leg to the
chest but hurts his head with a headbutt to the Prince. At least he
knows his stereotypes. They head outside with Vampiro throwing
Iaukea into the steps. Back in and Shaggy misses a guillotine
legdrop, allowing the hot tag to Norman. A big old spinning slam
drops Shaggy and everything breaks down. The fans are actually WAY
into this one. Vampiro suplexes Lash down and J. adds a moonsault
for the pin.
The Clowns are an interesting case as they actually have some
training so it’s WAY better than when celebrities have matches on
Raw, but I’d still be hard pressed to call them good. They can do
some very basic stuff like suplexes and the moonsault was acceptable,
but they’d be lost trying to do more than a four minute match without
people there to help them. Case in point, this match worked for the
most part because the Clowns weren’t in a good chunk of it and the
wrestlers carried it. The crowd helped a lot too as they were into
the match, but the wrestling was nothing great.
The Revolution is in
the back with Dusty and ask him when things are going to change
around here. Dusty says in due time but gets cut off by David Flair
and Torrie Wilson. Dusty is called an old man so Benoit slaps the
Crossface on David. Apparently the way to make things change is
through violence because that earned Benoit a US Title shot. It’s
about time someone realized David and his dad had no authority
anymore and they could get the US Title off of him in about 10
Curt Hennig/Barry
Windham vs. Public Enemy
Rednecks have a new song called Good Old Boys, which is nowhere near
as catchy. Tony starts talking about Chad Brock and actually gives
us a reason for him to be here: he used to train at the Power Plant
and actually was in an eight man tag on Saturday Night back in 1996.
That still doesn’t make me want to see him but WCW never really cared
what fans thought. Hennig throws Rocco around the ring to start but
eats a boot in the corner.
to Grunge who has the same luck as Hennig when Windham blasts him
with a lariat. Kendall actually does something by tripping up Grunge
to keep the Rednecks in control. We hear about Brock even more as
Johnny and Curt double clothesline each other. It’s a double tag as
Public Enemy takes over with their usual brawling before a flip dive
puts Barry through the table. Not that it matters though as Curt
nails Grunge with the cowbell for the pin.
The Rednecks seem to be in decline as there isn’t much for them to do
anymore. If the best they can come up with is having Curt feud with
the country singer coming in to perform, they need to just disband
the team now or let Hennig and Windham be a regular tag team. It was
a fun idea while it lasted but there’s nothing for the team to do
right now.
Little Jeanie vs.
tries to tell us how easy it is to order a WCW PPV as this is
sounding more and more desperate every week. Jeanie never did
anything that I can find. Apparently Mona was a powerlifter in her
younger days, which isn’t something you would expect out of someone
her size. They hit the mat to start and trade some hammerlocks and
armbars. Jeanie isn’t half bad out there and takes a decent monkey
flip to send her outside.
match stalls for a bit as they trade places, only to have Jeanie
choke a bit on the way back in. Mona gets two off a sunset flip and
the fans give her a good reaction. Granted it likely has something
to do with the short skirt flipping over but a pop is better than
nothing. Back up and a dropkick to the head sends Jeanie into the
corner. For a sweet ending, Mona puts on an Indian deathlock but
grabs Jeanie’s shoulders and rolls her over, bridging the legs into
the air for a pin.
Shockingly good match here and I’m surprised Jeanie never did
anything else. She needed some work but with more experience and
some polish she could have been something decent. Mona of course
would have her success in the near future and it’s easy to see why
off this match. This was a big, nice surprise.
Brandi Alexander, a
chick that Mona beat up before, comes in but takes a clothesline from
Video on Hogan vs.
Hogan is in the back
when his son Nick comes in. Hogan is in the NWO gear and Nick wants
to know why his dad didn’t wear the red and yellow that Nick packed
for him. We hear a noise though and Hulk runs out of the room, only
to get laid out by Nash, Sid and Steiner. They beat him out to the
ring but Sting and Goldberg make a quick save.
This is apparently
enough for Hogan to put his career on the line on Saturday and makes
a challenge for a six man tag. Nash says it’s on, but Sting wants
Nash’s career on the line too. That’s cool as well, but Goldberg
tops them all. He says Steiner doesn’t have anything to put on the
line at Road Wild so he’ll just have to beat Steiner up.
there any question why the title was retired soon after this? I mean
good grief it’s one thing to not acknowledge that someone is a
champion but to flat out say that the belt is worthless? The worst
part: you know Goldberg never got any flack for that backstage. Why
would he anyway? The title has been dying a brutal death since
Steiner became champion and just brutalized everyone he’s fought in
meaningless matches.
belt could be used for people like the Revolution, Booker T.,
Bagwell, even Disco Inferno or Cat. But instead it’s being held by a
guy no one cares about while Goldberg says the belt doesn’t matter.
Stupid decisions like this are among the biggest reasons WCW went
under: they didn’t care about anyone but the old guys and they think
people care about guys like Rick Steiner because he was a big deal
nine years ago. I really can’t get over that stupid line. I agree
Goldberg is above the TV Title, but did he have to point out that
it’s worthless in general?
Title: David Flair vs. Chris Benoit
this can make me feel better. Heenan’s tongue is falling out of his
mouth over Torrie’s outfit. Little Naitch is ejected as referee and
Nick Patrick will be taking over. Isn’t he almost just as corrupt?
Flair immediately bails to the floor and tries to leave, only to be
thrown back in by Malenko and Saturn. Douglas was there too but he
was too busy reminding us of how great he was in ECW to actually
bails again but is surrounded on the floor. A snap suplex sends the
champ flying and Benoit slaps him a few times. Benoit is just toying
with him here. Kanyon tries to do a hilarious looking run in (the
look on his face was priceless as he looked like he was trying to
save a baby from a burning building) but gets stopped by Saturn,
allowing Benoit to drop the Swan Dive for the pin and the title.
This is a hard one to grade as it’s clearly not about the wrestling
but they did exactly what they were supposed to out there. Benoit
FINALLY wins a singles title and gives David exactly what he
deserves. Granted it’s about three months too late for it to have
the impact they were going for but at least it finally happened.
comes in and Rock Bottoms Benoit but thankfully the Revolution runs
in for the save before Page can ruin the moment. Benoit issues a
challenge for Saturday in a No DQ match.
Savage to reveal who is going to guard George on Saturday, who also
drove the Hummer. Gene introduces George as being with him but
Savage is alone. After a quick President plug, he promises to kill
Rodman on Saturday. Gene gets to the point by asking about the
Hummer driver…..and Savage ignores him. One more line about
Saturday and we’re done. As I ask myself every week, why do I even
bother watching Thunder if they’re going to tease stuff like this and
then never follow up?
Adams/Dave Taylor vs. Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Eddie and Taylor to get things going, but first they have to see who
the fans are behind. The stalling continues as we’re nearly two
minutes into the match with barely any contact. Taylor actually
snaps off a headscissors and dropkick to send Eddie to the floor,
drawing some solid booing. You would have thought Eddie would start
that way but instead he headscissors Taylor down to take over.
to Rey, who is in an orange prison uniform because for some reason in
the 90s, that was considered cool. Adams runs him over with a
shoulder and a powerslam gets two. He misses a top rope splash
though and Rey hits a Lionsault, on the same night that Chris Jericho
was debuting on Monday Night Raw. Adams pops back up with that sweet
superkick of his for two before catapulting him into the wrong
Dave finally charges
into a boot in the corner and the prison enthusiast rolls over for
the hot tag to Eddie. Everything breaks down and Eddie dives through
the ropes to take out Taylor. Adams is all alone, setting up a
Mysterio top rope hurricanrana, followed by the Frog Splash for the
What is with this show tonight? They’ve been nailing the wrestling
all night with everyone clicking in the ring. Mysterio and Guerrero
being a good tag team isn’t a surprise given how much they’ve worked
together in the past. Adams and Taylor were fine in this role as two
guys that can work well with anyone. If this was what Nitro was like
until a big main event, I’d have far fewer complaints.
of complaints, cue the Dead Pool to jump Mysterio and Guerrero, only
to have Kidman make the save. Six man on Saturday it seems.
brings out the Rednecks, who imply they were with the Dixie Chicks
and Shania Twain last night. Apparently they were scheduled to
perform Good Old Boys live but Chad Brock has replaced them.
Seriously, this is the best thing they can come up with? Ignore the
fact that the fans booed Brock’s name in general but cheered when
Hennig promised to beat him up. Why do I have a feeling this was
vs. Disco Inferno
halfway through the show, Tony sends out get well wishes to Scott
Hudson. Gee that’s nice of him. Did we ever get a reason why Tony
was gone in the first place though? Kidman starts fast with a
dropkick and the slingshot headscissors, potentially causing lethal
hair damage. Disco pops back up and throws him over the top before
grabbing a Russian legsweep back inside.
chinlock is broken in about five seconds and Kidman nails a quick
clothesline. Disco continues his hot pace (maybe he has a fever?)
with a swinging neckbreaker and a hot (I’ve got something here!) shot
for two. Kidman comes back with a Sky High, which is a move I really
would like to see someone use as a finisher full time. And I mean
someone that matters, not Titus O’Neil.
Kidman ducks his head
though and eats the AWESOME jumping piledriver. I know he was a
comedy guy but he always had one of the best piledrivers I’ve ever
seen. It’s only good for two though so, in another recurring theme
tonight, he tries it again, only to have Kidman faceplant him. The
Shooting Star is ready but Vampiro runs in for the DQ.
Disco looked great here and continues to be one of the most
underrated WCW guys in the ring. Vampiro coming in makes sense and
keeps setting up their match on Saturday, though they could have
spaced the matches out better on the card. By having them back to
back, it runs the risk of overloading people on one feud, and you
know there’s a big crowd to see wrestling clowns.
Vampiro plants Kidman
with a super Nail in the Coffin. I’m not a Vampiro fan but that
looked GREAT, especially Kidman’s head flying up after impact and
falling back onto the mat. Disco actually tries to make the save but
eats a superkick, drawing out Eddie and Rey for the real save. Disco
offers Rey a handshake but Rey is a hugger, sending Disco running
away in fear. If a small man in a prison uniform tried to hug me,
I’d be a bit nervous too.
The announcers chat
about Saturday’s main event.
Scott Norton vs.
Buff Bagwell
runs Delicious over to start and shoulders him to the floor. A
clothesline misses though and Buff hits some dropkicks (clearly
inspired by his match with Riggs on Thursday) to knock Norton
outside. Back in and Bagwell actually uses a dragon screw leg whip.
Well that’s some psychology at least.
shrugs it off though and hits his shoulder breaker as we see Cat
putting on the red shoes up on the ramp. Bagwell fights out of a
neck crank and a cross body actually works. Cue Cat to distract the
referee so Onoo can nail Bagwell with the briefcase, giving Norton
two. That’s enough to make Miller call his Mama, or come into the
ring for a DQ. Ignore the lack of actual contact of course.
Well the good match streak had to die somewhere. This was about as
bad as you would have expected as Bagwell just isn’t there in the
ring. It makes sense that he was great as a tag guy because he can
talk well enough to get on people’s nerves and then hit the
Blockbuster for a good looking finish.
Speaking of the
Blockbuster, Onoo takes one as Norton chases Cat to the back.
for the REAL main event in any event in the country (except whatever
the Rosemont Horizon was called at this point because they’re smart
enough not to have this nonsense over in that company), here’s…..A
a break and the song is starting. You know those musical acts that
are said to not need an introduction anywhere in the world but for
some reason they’re introduced anyway? As in like Elvis, the Rolling
Stones, Bruce Springsteen etc? Well apparently Chad Brock is
important enough to not actually introduce whatsoever.
He sings, people don’t
care, Hennig comes out and jaws with him, the Rednecks and the
Revolution come out for a staredown, I’ll never got those seven
minutes of my life back.
As if that’s not
enough, KISS is coming in two weeks.
Nitro Girls. They
haven’t been around as much lately. You know who has been though?
Chad Brock.
Kanyon vs. Booker T.
history’s sake, the Millennium Clock ended right about now. All
respective partners are out here with them. It’s Booker in control
to start with a back elbow to knock Kanyon to the floor so Stevie can
get in some cheap shots of his own. He doesn’t have this whole face
thing down yet.
in and Kanyon extinguishes half of the Heat with a knee to the ribs
and we hit the chinlock. Booker fights up with the usual as they’re
clearly flying through this. The barrage of kicks set up the 110th
Street Slam but Kanyon pulls the referee in front of a clothesline.
The rest of the Triad stops Stevie, allowing Kanyon to nail Booker
with the belt, setting up the Flatliner for the pin.
The match went so fast that there was only so much they could do out
there. I’ll let you make your own complaint about Brock taking up
their time. This was little more than another way to set up the Tag
Team Title match on Saturday, which is about all you can do for a
match like that. I’ve seen worse though.
Rodman to Voodoo Child, so maybe we’ll find out who was driving the
Hummer here. Rodman says that this Saturday, George is going to
learn that she’s his BEEP. You mean the woman that Rodman, in theory
the face in this feud, as in the guy that has kidnapped George and
attacked from behind, kidnapped and may have raped? Savage runs out
and Rodman, your hero and mine, runs away in fear.
Hogan vs. Rick Steiner/Sid Vicious/Kevin Nash
team comes out to the Wolfpack theme but Nash has a Black and White
logo on his shirt. I’M SO CONFUSED! Remember that if Nash’s team
loses, his career is on the line Saturday. Goldberg comes out to
Crush Em, which I like but it doesn’t have the same impact as his old
we get the big, famous moment here though as Hogan returns to the red
and yellow for the first time in over three years. Tony loses his
mind as you would expect him to. To their credit, the fans go NUTS
in one of the final legitimate shows of emotion you’ll ever find in
WCW. I take no shame in admitting that it gave me a big smile too as
I grew up a Hulkamaniac and he belongs in the red and yellow. Also,
has there ever been a better three man face team in WCW?
and Steiner get things going and the worthless champion is shoved
down. The big boot connects about a minute in and even Heenan is
fired up to see Hogan. Some more right hands drop Steiner and the
giants take punches of their own. Hogan beats up all three villains
on his own and they take a breather on the floor. With Hogan
dominating, the fans chant for Goldberg. You know, the guy in a
match with someone that has nothing to put up on Saturday.
gets the tag and the pop of the night as Nash comes in to face him.
Nash hammers away but eats a superkick and suplex as the fans get
even louder. You can see Hogan saying “Yeah they popped louder for
me brother. I heard them chanting HO-GAN too.” Sid walks into a
powerslam and it’s off to Sting, who seems almost out of his league
for once. He lays Sid on the top rope for the Stinger Splash but the
top rope version gets two to stop the crowd dead.
referee gets in the way of Nash’s Snake Eyes as someone has exposed
the buckle. That earns him a ref bump and Sting hits a pair of
Stinger Splashes into the exposed buckle and a third into a more
modest buckle. Steiner comes in with a chair but there’s the spear.
Hogan takes the chair and cleans house, including knocking Nash
willy. Another referee comes out to say Nash is out for the win,
putting his career on the line Saturday.
It’s a very fun match and Hogan coming back in the red and yellow is
a big moment. We had a top level WCW face team against the three top
heels (since Flair has disappeared) and the crowd went nuts. That
brings me to my one big issue with the match: wouldn’t this have made
more sense next week?
Next week’s main event
would be Hogan vs. Sid for the title, so couldn’t they have swapped
that to this week and had the six man after the PPV? With this,
whatever they do on Saturday is going to feel like a letdown from
this and you get Hogan putting on the red and yellow again after he
defeats his “biggest challenge” (work with me here) thanks to the
power of the Hulkamaniacs. This took away the drama because you know
Hulk Hogan isn’t losing to Nash in this kind of a match. Still
though, good moment and a really fun main event.
Easily the best Nitro in months, but this company is clearly running
on borrowed time. The main event scene is dying for some fresh blood
and putting Hogan in the old colors is only going to keep him going
for so long. Benoit getting the title is a bright spot and at least
a sign of hope, but I’m still stuck on that TV Title line. It’s
going to take some time to get that back to credibility and Rick
Steiner holding it isn’t going to help that. Midcard title problems
aside, this show was solid action (mostly) in front of a red hot
crowd. They still need to cut back to two hours, but not being
horrible is a good start.
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