First Annual Blog of Doom Yearly Awards Poll

For the last few years on the Blog of Doom we’ve tossed around ideas about having a year end series of awards voted on by the posters of this site.  This year, I am going to try to put this idea into action and – to use a snarky analogy from this place – we will let it play out and see where it goes.  If you have suggestions for what we should call these awards – our version of the Slammy’s – then feel free to include them in the comments section.

Listed below are a series of categories for this year’s awards.  Most of them pertain to the wrestling world in general, but there are a few Blog awards as well.  I avoided negative awards because we know that will not end in anything good.  I also tried to keep the categories below twenty so we didn’t have to vote for a million things.

For each category, identify and number THREE choices, with your first being what you most want to see win and third being your third-best choice.  The way awards will be determined is that the ranking of each choice will have a point value.  A first place vote will count for 5 points, a second place vote for 3 points, and a third place vote for 1 point.  The recipient of the most points will win the award.  When voting please include the heading of the category you are voting for and then put 1-(Insert choice), 2-(Insert choice), etc.

E-mail your votes to me at [email protected]  I will confirm that I have received your vote via a return e-mail within 24 hours of you sending it.  The deadline for voting will be midnight on Saturday (January 3rd).  I will post the winners late Sunday evening (probably around 10 p.m. EST or so), hopefully with a link to a Heisman-style spreadsheet letting people see what received votes for each category.

The categories for this year’s Blog of Doom Awards (as suggested by various posters):

*Wrestler of the Year
*Women’s Wrestler of the Year
*Worst Wrestler of the Year
*Tag Team of the Year
*Match of the Year
*Feud of the Year
*Best Pay-Per-View
*Worst Pay-Per-View
*Moment of the Year
*Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year
*Promotion of the Year
*Television Show of the Year
*Most Improved Wrestler
*Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year

*Best Blog Column of the Year
*Blog Poster of the Year (Maybe name this one after Farva?)
*Most Loved Blog Topic (Something that created lots of great conversation here)
*Worst Blog Topic (Something you got sick of talking about and wished would go away)