The Time Limit

While reading through the blog, I noticed in a 80’s tv show report, a match that ended with a time limit draw.  I remember back then whenever two non jobbers would fight on WCW/WWE tv, if there wasn’t a disqualification, there would be a time limit draw to protect the stars.  When did the idea that matches having time limits end and what was the last “significant” time limit draw in wrestling?

​That reminds me, I was watching the first episode of Primetime posted to the Network as background noise while I wrapped presents this week, and holy balls who decided that Lanny Poffo v. Rene Goulet should run through a commercial break?  I can only imagine the reaction if they tried to fill 2 hours with the kind of curtain-jerking garbage that filled that show.  Main event of Sgt Slaughter Jr. v. Iron Sheik with a DQ finish?  NO BUYS.
Anyway, it's been a long while since there was a draw on TV, actually.  The Regal TV title matches in the 90s were the last ones I can think of off the top of my head.  Cena v. Michaels came close but then they did a finish instead.  So I'm of literally no help here.​