Reigns as Champ


I remember last year after Bryan won the belt, you advocated for him to be a fighting champion and take on all comers.

Ignoring that the creative team will inevitably screw it up, if Reigns is indeed the anointed one, how would you book him after WrestleMania? Similar deal? Fighting champ? Might be a nice change of pace since Brock has been invisible for the last several months. Plus, it might be fun to see Reigns VS Barrett or Sheamus or Miz or whoever main event Raw once in a while. Thoughts?

My presumption is that Rollins is going to screw him out of it fairly soon and then Reigns will chase until Summerslam.  It's a weird deal because they want him to be a long-term champion and they still need to pay off the MITB briefcase, and this would be a situation where having more than one title built up to mean something would be incredibly useful.  I think long-term it's best to give Rollins all the main event rub they can now, since Reigns is on the gravy train anyway and will be a made guy no matter what.