Bryan As Placeholder

From the Reigns thread:
Remember, this time last year everyone kept saying that Bryan was only a placeholder feud (even Scott) for Orton before Batista or Cena came in to save the day.There was NO WAY Bryan was going on to Wrestlemania to win the title. Nope, not at all. And there was NO WAY he was going to beat all three members of Evolution in one night to win the title on top of that.Nope, not happening
Is this REALLY still a thing?  Like, how many times do we need to have it verified that:
1)  Batista-Orton was the planned WM main event and;2)  Daniel Bryan was not in the long term plans of the company, especially considering his first post-win feud was with Kane
…before people accept it?  Yes, they might still change their mind and back into a different plan for WM this year that's Dolph or Ambrose or whoever, but that doesn't mean they suddenly had amazing long-term planning skills all along and were just fooling us dumb marks.  If it hadn't been for an extraordinary set of circumstances and the fanbase nearly staging a revolt against the entire direction of the promotion, it would not have happened.  Sheesh.