Lex & Sting 1995 BFFs


I'm powering through Nitros in 1995 and am still amazed by the oddball Lex and Sting angle. They are best friends but Lex goes with the Dungeon of Doom and is kind of a pseudo face/heel still? It's so bizarre. Has there ever been an angle like that where someone is a heel but has a best friend face and they kinda walk that line for months and months?

Also, the main event of Nitro before Starrade 1995 was a Ric Flair vs Macho Man match for the belt! What a throw-away. Was the NJPW Starrcade a success or a dud? Guessing a dud since it hasn't really happened since.

Also Hulk is unbearable as the loose cannon with a chair while Macho Man is champ, always needing the last word or anything on every show. Awful.

The Luger-Sting dynamic was totally unique and I still don't know why someone hasn't tried to steal it since.  And you knew they were best friends in real life, so it made the angle all the cooler to see it playing out on TV.  Unfortunately they had negative chemistry together in the the ring, so the blowoff would have sucked.  

Speaking of sucking, Starrcade was a sellout in the building, but a massive, MASSIVE flop on PPV, only eclipsed in shittiness by the WWF's putrid IYH5 show.  It did 75K buys when they were running about 200K per show typically. 

And don't even get me started on Hogan.