Roman Reigns

Is it possible we're all misunderstanding what WWE is doing with Roman Reigns?
Remember how they got Randy Orton over as a heel? he was pushed as a babyface,
then got injured. All the while he was injured they built him up in such a way
that when he returned he was super over…as a heel. Having Reigns be awarded
the 'Superstar of the Year' by a supposed fan vote, the constant updates on
him, all the crap about how everyone considers him The Next Best
Thing….could Roman Reigns be the next Corporate WWE World Heavyweight
Champion? Because if this is actually supposed to get him over as a main event
face, they're going about it all wrong.

Apparently the fan voting was legit.  That being said, he's not Batista and there is no Daniel Bryan in the Rumble this year for fans to organically rise up for.  I'm sure he'll be fine with that certain segment of the audience that cheers for Cena and doesn't mind getting pandered to with crap like "WWE Universe" and their Twitter updates during matches, but the backlash against him online is just kind of a bad sign.