Was Shawn the chosen one?

Watching Survivor Series 91, which sows the seeds of the Rockers turn and it's amazing to think a year later Shawn was in the main event.  When they decided to break the Rockers up, was Shawn always pegged as the future, or was it a case where Jannetty let the demons get to him?   Were there thoughts Marty might end up just as big a star had he stayed clean?   Or was the rocket just strapped to Shawn's back from the barbershop turn?
​Well obviously once Shawn turned it was obvious which one was "chosen".  I remember reading Herb Kunze's Tidbits on RSPW from 1990, where the suggestion seemed to be that Jannetty was going to get a singles push after WM6, but I have no idea if that held up via the WON at the time.  That being said, once it became obvious who the colossal fuckup of the team really was, they were all in on Shawn being the guy to be the singles star.  Now, whether or not that meant they saw him as the mega-star he eventually became, I have no idea.  I would guess not, because the business was very different at the time he turned and things changed dramatically, leaving Shawn as the right guy at the right time despite his size. ​