Reigns WM main event

Hey, Scott! I brought this up during the TLC thread, but given that Brock Lesnar is a foregone conclusion to leave the company after Wrestlemania, is it even worth it to have him in the main event anymore? Shouldn't they just throw their hands up and put the belt on Cena at the Royal Rumble at this point? At least the idea of Reigns and Cena in the WM main has some drama to it, but Reigns/Lesnar's outcome is such a foregone conclusion that it's hard to generate any excitement for it.

Yeah, the more we don't have Lesnar on TV, the more I'm on Team Cena as far as being the guy to put over Reigns.  Brock loses his specialness every week he's gone from TV without anyone mentioning him or caring about the World title and clearly PPV is so dead as a medium that there's little point in trying to use him to pop buyrates any longer.  Plus Cena is pretty much a guaranteed great match for Reigns, whereas Brock who the fuck knows what you're gonna get.