Network Show – VH1 I Love… Style

Hi Scott,

I hope you're doing well. The BoD is influential and gets ideas out there, so what are your thoughts about a new WWE Network show in the style of VH1's old "I Love the 80s/90s"?? They can easily pull out every year of the modern era (80s, 90s, 00s) and have current/past stars comment on that particular year with clips shown from all their content. For example, "I Love 1991" — Have superstars choose favorite angles from all of the promotions that year, worst angles, best new gimmicks, biggest flops, etc. It feels like this type of show writes itself; they own the footage, and it is technically NEW programming. VH1, years ago, re branded itself with these types of shows and it brought in great ratings (it eventually led to Bret Michael's type reality shows though; so that's the bad).  Your thoughts??

Best, Anthony Viggiani
New York, NY

Come on now, Bret Michaels Rock of Love was great trashy fun.

As for that idea, I love it.  Hopefully they could resist the temptation to make every episode about the Attitude Era, but it's exactly the kind of fresh take on the talking head and recycled footage formula that would be fun.  I can see Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder being all over this kind of thing.