IC Title jobber

In the Smackdown main event, Harper the current IC Champ took the pin on a 6-man team with Show and Kane.  Are we all being played?   Is there some inside joke with the bookers about jobbing out the IC Champ?  Kane is worthless and Show has zero big money left to draw, so either could've easily taken a meaningless 6-man pin, or even a schmozz ending to set up a ppv.  Instead we get Ryback (feuding with Kane) pin Harper (feuding with Ziggler) thus helping no one.   On a side note, how embarrassed do you think main roster guys were after R-Evolution???

​Well every time they do one of these shows before a WWE PPV, the main roster comes out with an awesome show to try and one-up the developmental guys, so hopefully they're REALLY fucking embarrassed.  
And as for the IC title, I'm pretty sure he's dropping it back to Mr. Ziggles on Sunday anyway if that makes you feel any better.  If you're waiting for them to suddenly stop with the secondary champion humiliation fetish, I don't know what to tell you.  ​