Smackdown – December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014
Columbus Civic Center, Columbus, Georgia
Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for TLC and I’m actually looking forward to the
show. Granted it’s nowhere near as much as I was looking forward to
Takeover last night but that’s not a fair comparison. I’m sure the
main event will be yet another tag match with people from the
Survivor Series main event involved because Heaven forbid we ask the
writers to come up with ANYTHING else. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the end of Raw with the latest huge brawl.
These things are really running together. Also do the recaps really
need to go on for three minutes?
Cena to open things up but Rollins interrupts him after just a few
seconds. Rollins
says Cena is in this spot because he’s done exactly what he’s
promised to do over the last ten years. That all ends on Sunday
though because Rollins will set the new standard of doing everything
he says he’ll do. The future may have to go through Cena, but there
is no future without Seth Rollins. You
might even say that Cena’s
time is up and Rollins’ time is now.
says this is the day that Rollins has become a man, because he
doesn’t see the Shield or Authority around him. Instead Cena sees a
proud man standing on his own for the first time. That’s exactly
what Cena want too, because Monday morning, Seth is going to have to
look in the mirror and say he isn’t ready. The future isn’t Sunday,
next week or next year. The future is now because John Cena is here.

says Cena keeps talking about the future like it’s some far off
concept, but it’s been here since Rollins set foot in WWE and
everything leads to this Sunday. At TLC, Seth isn’t just taking away
Cena’s chance at being champion again. Sunday is the beginning of
the end of John Cena. A Cena chant starts up but Seth shouts it
down, saying Cena becomes a memory after TLC with the rise of the new
standard bearer, Seth Rollins.
calls Rollins a fool but if Rollins wants to talk like a man, he
needs to listen up. This is Cena’s life and if Seth thinks he’s
getting rid of Cena, he can line up with all the other people that
have said those same things. Rollins can stand with Rene Dupree,
HHH, Orlando Jordan and the Rock, because Cena has survived them all.
REALLY good exchange here, but I don’t buy Rollins having a chance
on Sunday because we have to get to Lesnar vs. Cena III, even though
the interest doesn’t seem to be there.
main event is Rowan/Ryback/Ziggler vs. Harper/Show/Kane. Of course
it is.
Ascension is coming. It’s about time.
vs. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd
are on commentary and
Mizdow has a mini-Slammy. Before
the match, Kidd and Cesaro say they’re ready to grab the brass ring
like Vince told them to. That line is sounding more and more like a
plot device every week. Jimmy
and Kidd get things going as Naomi is watching in the back. Off to
Jey for a top rope elbow to the arm but Tyson drives him into the
corner for some shoulders from Cesaro.
loses his shirt but drives Cesaro into the corner for a tag off to
his brother. That’s
fine with Cesaro who slams Jimmy down for two and slaps on the
chinlock. Back
up and a dropkick puts Cesaro on the floor, setting up the big dive
from Jimmy. Kidd
gets in a kick from the apron as Miz gets a call from his agent.
it’s about Naomi so Miz leaves to talk to her. We
take a break and come back with Jimmy fighting out of a chinlock,
only to get caught in an overhead belly to belly for two.
comes in for a chinlock of his own but he misses a legdrop on the
apron. It’s
still not enough for a hot tag though as Cesaro kicks Jey to
the floor. There’s the Swing but Kidd dropkicks Jimmy out of the air
in a painful looking spot. Cesaro
misses a charge into the post though and an enziguri finally allows
the tag to Jey. House
is cleaned with the Samoan drop and running Umaga attack but
everything breaks down. Jey superkicks Cesaro’s head off and the
Superfly Splash is enough for the pin at 11:53.
This was better than I was expecting with Kidd and Cesaro working
well enough together. The division is in need of some fresh teams so
why not have two guys that are ready to move up to the next level?
If nothing else that swing into the dropkick is a great spot and
could be a solid finisher.
are in the back with Naomi and suggest that she split time between
Hollywood and WWE. Naomi gives a badly scripted response about how
she knows what Miz is up to, but Miz says his agent wants to keep
this going. He talked the agent off the ledge but the agent doesn’t
want to work with someone with such a jealous husband. Naomi
needs to sort Jimmy out and soon.
a break, Naomi runs into the Usos and goes off on Jimmy for not
having her back. She leaves and Jey says let her cool off. Jimmy
knew this was going to happen and
yells about how Miz is messing with them. Jey says Jimmy has two
days to get his head right because this is exactly what Miz wants.
on Cena vs. Lesnar which transitions into Cena vs. Rollins.
Wyatt says he offered Ambrose a path to salvation but Dean turned him
down. This is no longer about what could have been but now it’s
about what will be. In two thousand years, people will still be
talking about the things Wyatt will do to Dean this Sunday. Run.
Fox vs. Nikki Bella
AJ is on commentary with her Slammy in her arms like a baby. Fox
nails a quick dropkick to start and works on an armbar. JBL
and Cole debate the differences between the Women’s Title and Divas
Title as Fox charges into a knee in the corner. Back
in and AJ says Nikki is like the head cheerleader from an 80s movie.
hammerlock slam gets two for Nikki and she cranks on both arms with a
knee in the back. Fox
fights up again but misses a boot in the corner, earning her a
forearm to the jaw. The Rack Attack is good for the pin at 4:16.
I can’t believe I’m saying this but the current Divas story is
growing on me. It’s amazing how much easier these things are to sit
through when I don’t have to listen to the Bellas talking about how
hard they’ve worked and had to fight to get here. Nikki is actually
getting better in the ring and can have a passable match and the idea
of AJ fighting the Bellas is a good enough story. Well assuming you
ignore Brie just siding with her sister again after all those months
of fighting.
Racks Fox again while talking trash to AJ.
recap the Slammy winners from Monday.
E. vs. Goldust
takes over to start with a powerslam and DDT for two each. Big E.
comes back with a clothesline and belly to belly, only to charge into
a spinebuster for another near fall. The Big Ending is escaped and
Big E. charges into a knee. Not that it matters as Big E. pops up
and hits the Big Ending for the pin at 2:15.
look at Reigns winning Superstar of the Year.
Swagger vs. Titus O’Neil
drives him into the corner to start and knocks Titus outside, only to
be sent shoulder first into the post for two. Titus hammers away and
kicks Jack’s head off before choking on the ropes. A
slam doesn’t work though as Jack rolls over into the Patriot Lock for
the submission at 2:24.
and Lana interrupt We The People and pose with the title.
on Ambrose vs. Wyatt’s TLC match. I really hope they go insane with
it to give this the blowoff it deserves.
is sitting under a ladder in the back. He’s heard Bray Wyatt talk
about them like they’re viking warriors but Dean is just a gutter rat
or a dog that loves to fight. The two of them weren’t meant to rule
together but to beat each other to pieces forever. This Sunday, when
Dean has Bray’s whole world in his hands, he’s going to crush it.
Show/Kane/Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler/Erick Rowan/Ryback
the weapons are set up around the ring of course. Kane
and Ziggler get things going with a dropkick and cross body putting
the big man down. Off to Rowan for a big slam as we take an early
break. Back
with Rowan hammering Show down against the ropes and out to the
floor. Erick
misses a charge into the post though and Show stands on his back.
Kane comes in and hammers away again before it’s off to Harper for a
goes nowhere so Kane comes in for a double clothesline to put both
guys down. The
hot tag brings in Ziggler to clean house, including countering Kane’s
powerbomb into a faceplant for two. Kane
never liked Kidman though so he kicks Dolph’s head off for two as we
take another break. Back again with Ziggler fighting back on Harper
but getting catapulted into the middle rope for two.
canned chants want Ryback as Kane charges into a boot in the corner
but Big Show breaks up the tag. Ziggler dropkicks the big man’s knee
out and counters the chokeslam into a sleeper instead
of, you know, tagging. Show
easily escapes and hits the chokeslam for two. The KO Punch misses
and Ziggler hits a Zig Zag out of nowhere. Dolph
finally tags Ryback to clean house as everything breaks down. Show
runs over Rowan on the floor and Ryback Meathooks Luke. There’s the
Shell Shock for the pin at 17:08.
course they did. I mean, we can’t have Big Show and Kane, who are
almost NINETY YEARS OLD combined job to Ryback so let’s just have the
Intercontinental Champion do it instead. I know I harp on this every
week but I really want an answer. Why in the world are Big Show and
Kane immune from taking a fall?
may be the current Intercontinental Champion and he has a bright
future in front of him. On the other hand we have two former World
Champions who have been around for about thirty five years combined
ans neither of them can job to Ryback? This happens week to week
with all the young guys taking falls because we have to protect these
two? I really do want an answer to this because it’s one of the most
maddening things going on in WWE right now.
match the weapons are brought in and Dolph dives off the ladder to
knock down all three giants on the floor to
end the show.
Standard issue Smackdown here although with a good exchange from
Rollins and Cena. That being said, I have no reason to believe Seth
has a chance on Sunday which kind of defeats the purpose. That’s the
problem with some of their long term stuff: they’ve locked in Lesnar
vs. Cena and nothing that happens between now and then matters.
rest of the show was your usual stuff, but man alive I’m sick of
these same people fighting. We’ve seen it for over a month now and
hopefully it ends after Sunday. These writers come up with one idea
every few months and then ride it out until there’s nothing left to
get out of it. This whole company needs a shakeup and something
fresh, which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.
b. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd – Superfly Splash to Cesaro
Bella b. Alicia Fox – Rack Attack
E. b. Goldust – Big Ending
Swagger b. Titus O’Neil – Patriot Lock
Ziggler/Erick Rowan b. Big Show/Kane/Luke Harper – Shell Shock to
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