So what is actually going wrong ?

Hey Scott,

Longtime fan boa bla. I’m listening to JR and Keller review Survivor Series. So much of what they are saying about booking in the company makes so much sense and I just get really confused as to how it doesn’t translate onto TV. Sure these crappy soap writers know nothing about booking and only coming up with subpar tropes we’d see on The CW but if Vince is the be all and end all and rewrites and has final say then why isn’t it the TV better ? Surely Vince knows basic booking 101 from his many many years in the business and the success he has had and I could possibly say the same for HHH coming from the background of being a worker himself. So if Vince and Hunter are the two making the final decisions then why is everything so crappy ?

Has Vince completely lost his mojo and HHH doesn’t have enough influence to get sensible booking by him or are they both just too blinded by the whole PG, corporate, public company landscape they are in that they aren’t willing to try any formulas that have worked so well in the past i.e continuity of storyline, making people actually give a shit about titles and mid card talent as opposed to just Cena, Orton and I’m assuming Reigns once he’s shoved down our throat.


Basically Vince should watch NXT Takeover and do everything like THAT instead of how he's been doing it.  Clearly if Vince oversees the main product and it's so shitty, whereas HHH oversees NXT and it's awesome, then we can tell where the fundamental problem lies.  Last night's show addressed all of your complaints and showed exactly how RAW should have been treated all year.