Breaking the Streak question/conspriacy theory.

Firstly, this video is gold.

Secondly, reliving the event some 6+ months later through the eyes of other fans, my question is why Brock ? Why give that moniker of being the guy to break the streak to Brock Lesner?  Hindsight is always 20/20, but my god you have had to know Brock's heart wasn't in wrestling, you had to know he was just around to pick up a fat paycheck and not ever be on tv. They essentially flushed 20+ years of story telling down the tubes on a guy who isn't going to make them money from breaking the streak ? If you wanna smash over Roman Reigns by having him be the one break the streak fine, but Brock ? I agree with Hitler in the video, it makes absolutely no sense….

Here's my conspiracy theory, it wasn't so much they wanted Brock to break the streak they just wanted to bury and take the momentum off Bryan. The day after Wrestlemania 30, instead of everyone talking about how Daniel Bryan made it to the level of legendary wrestling superstar it was overshadowed by everyone talking the streak ending, thus making D Bry moment take a backseat. They did everything they could including blowing their load on 21 years of Wrestlemania matches just so they could stop a Superstar from breaking through that glass ceiling because its not who they handpicked to carry the ball.

Now normally, I'd think that was crazy.  But after the Punk podcast and opening up that can of worms I have a clearer idea about how WWE does business. And it would absolutely not surprise me at all that they would cut off their nose to spite their face like that.

Please Mr. Keith, tell me I'm delusional and clearly not thinking straight. Tell me they thought Brock going over the streak was good for buinsess and it wasn't just a chess move to keep the guy outta the spot that they didn't want there.

​Let's turn down the crazy knob a little bit.  It's been pretty much established at this point that:
a)  Undertaker didn't want the streak to end, but Vince made the call because he felt like Taker wasn't going to be able to continue the next year and wanted to put someone over.
b)  Brock was the guy who was there that year, and the only guy on the roster who Vince believed to be "worthy" of ending the streak, so he got the win.