Smackdown – December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
getting close to TLC and we have most of the card set already.
Naturally most of it is just pairings from the Survivor Series main
event split off into singles matches with gimmicks attached. The
violence and carnage at the pay per view is usually enough to carry
it over the weak stories so hopefully it works again this year.
Let’s get to it.

of the main story from Raw with Cena vs. Rollins in a tables match
being set for TLC and all the brawling between the Survivor Series
Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper
is defending of course. The champ sends him into the corner to start
but Dolph hammers away with shots to the jaw. That’s fine with Luke
as he picks Dolph up and drives him into the corner again. Ziggler
tries the same sunset flip that pinned Luke on Monday but only gets
two and a boot on his throat for his efforts. A quick neckbreaker
gets two for Ziggler but Harper blocks the running DDT and just
drills him with an elbow to the face.
doesn’t want his leg to feel left out so he nails a big boot to send
Ziggler to the floor and us to a break. Back with Ziggler fighting
out of a chinlock and sending Luke shoulder first into the post.
Harper counters another neckbreaker but misses the big boot and eats
the running DDT for two more.
it’s Dolph missing a kick of his own and walking into a superkick
from the champ. The Fameasser gets two more as the trading
continues. Ziggler gets two each off a high cross body, sunset flip
out of a powerbomb and superkick as frustration is setting in.
Harper has had enough though and kicks Dolph low for the DQ at 10:10.
C+. I still like their matches
as they’re playing the power vs. speed dynamic very well, but they’re
starting to do the same match over and over again. On top of that,
it’s hard to believe that the title is going to change hands before
TLC, which makes the near falls a bit harder to get behind. Still
entertaining though.
match Harper pulls in a ladder and loads up a powerbomb, but you
can’t powerbomb Kidman. In this case you can’t powerbomb Ziggler
either as he faceplants Luke into the ladder. Harper
rolls outside so Dolph pelts the ladder at his head in a big crash.
Santino comes out and makes
the obvious ladder match at TLC because
the power makes him feel like Oprah.
what’s left of the Authority, complete with Big Show, with something
to say. Rollins says he
hates Christmas but can’t wait for the annual demolition derby known
as TLC. In nine days, he gets to face your hero John Cena in a
tables match with Cena’s future title shot on the line.
is excited by taking away the only thing Cena cares about, because he
doesn’t have to make Cena tap out or pin him, even though he could
(Sheamus used nearly the exact same line in 2009). All he has to do
is drive Cena through a table, but more than just a table is going to
be broken. Rollins is going
to have tables everywhere and Cena is going to get beaten up, plus a
lot of splinters. Uh….right Seth.
Big Show says he’s been here for a long time and had all kinds of
matches. However, this is going to be his first steel stairs match.
He heads outside and bangs
the steps into the post a few times and promises to do much worse to
Rowan. Kane wants to talk
about his chairs match with Ryback, where
Ryback will be fed chair after chair after chair. Cue Santino to
make our tag match main event: Rollins/Big
Show vs. Ryback/Rowan.
recap the Miz/Naomi/Jimmy Uso stuff from Monday. Miz apologized to
Jimmy on Main Event and asked if Jimmy was mad that Miz could do more
for Naomi’s career than Jimmy ever could.
Kidd vs. New Day
here. Woods tags out less than five seconds in so Kofi can sunset
flip Cesaro for two. Cesaro drives Kofi into the corner so Kidd can
hammer him down. Kingston easily fights out of a chinlock and cleans
house, including the Boom Drop on Tyson. Trouble in Paradise misses
but the SOS gets two. Everything breaks down and a Demolition
Decapitator with a Woods top rope stomp instead of an Ax elbow is
good for the pin on Kidd at 2:45.
Day celebrates when the Dusts pop up on screen. Stardust wants to
know why the three of them are thinking this will be any different
when they’ve tried the same things over and over again. They’re
heading for a black hole (seriously) where light can never escape.
The positive message means nothing to Goldust and there will be no
new day. Woods says darkness will not prevail because there is no
force in the cosmos that can hold them back. Kofi says the New Day
is about unity and they’ll take the Dusts on any time. Big E. goes
into full on preacher mode and promises to make them feel the power
of the New Day.
is very happy with a bouquet of flowers. She thanks Jimmy for them
but he didn’t send her any flowers. Apparently she never thought to
read the card because they’re an apology from Miz. Jimmy smashes the
get a clip from Main Event with Swagger making it his mission to take
the US Title from Rusev.
Ambrose vs. Rusev
Before the match, Dean says he really enjoyed destroying the rocking
chair on Monday. Maybe Bray’s grandmother used to read Baby Bray
stories from that chair. Or maybe he just saw it at Cracker Barrel
and liked it. Not that it matters because at TLC, Dean is going to
break Wyatt into more pieces than he broke that chair. Lana and
Rusev come out with the blonde saying the match won’t be happening,
thanks to Jack Swagger.
see a clip from Raw of Swagger going after Rusev, which Lana calls
persecution. Rusev promises to snap every bone in Jack’s body, just
like he did to Zeb Colter. Dean tells Lana to stop with the
flirtatious eyes because he’s going to fight the Russian. He goes
after Rusev but gets jumped from behind by Wyatt. Dean fights back
as Bray goes to get a chair but Wyatt sends him into the steps. He
gets the chair and puts it against Dean’s throat before driving the
chair into the steps. Medics check on Dean as Bray has a disturbing
smile on his face. Ambrose does a stretcher job.
Uso vs. Miz
the match, Miz wants to know what’s up with Jimmy. Is he really that
insecure and jealous? Miz is just trying to pass along the kind of
help that made people like Kate Upton and Selena Gomez. The agent
has been watching her on Total Divas and thinks she’s a star in the
making because she’s hot with a voluptuous body.
Usos come out with no special entrance and we’re ready to go. Jimmy
tries to come in soon after the bell but gets ejected for his
efforts. We get our first contact over a minute in with Miz driving
a knee into Jey’s ribs. It’s already off to a chinlock but Jey
quickly fights up and nails a Samoan drop. Mizdow comes in for a
distraction though and the Skull Crushing Finale is enough to pin Jey
at 2:25.
Bella vs. Naomi
Lee and Nikki are both at ringside with the former on commentary. We
look at AJ fighting both Bellas on Monday. AJ: “It’s great therapy
to punch a Bella in the face.” Brie nails a dropkick for an early
two as Nikki sits on the steps and taunts AJ with the belt. A
clothesline gets two for Brie and we hit the chinlock. AJ says she
was Divas Champion for so many days that it was a common law
marriage. Naomi tries what looked to be Rey Mysterio’s sitout
bulldog but Brie falls backwards instead. AJ prevents Nikki from
interfering and Naomi rolls Brie up for the pin at 2:34.
is in the back, talking about how hard it is to be in charge. If
anyone understands what that means, it’s….the Bunny. Apparently
Santino’s grandmother calls him at 3am to ask him how to fix the
clock on the microwave.
and Show are ready for their match thanks to a Kane pep talk. Show
says they’re not friends but he needs to get through this match to
get to TLC.
Rowan vs. Seth Rollins/Big Show
and Rollins get things going with Seth being launched across the
ring. Rollins bails to the corner but actually doesn’t tag. Rowan
does though as it’s Ryback’s turn to hammer away in the corner. He
misses a charge though and Seth drives in some elbows to the head,
only to be driven across the ring with ease. Seth runs him over
again though and we take a break. Back with Big Show headbutting
Ryback and elbowing him in the back of the head. Ryback fights out
of a chokeslam attempt and makes the hot tag to Rowan.
speed up with Rowan nailing a bunch of clotheslines to put Show down,
only to have the Stooges offer a distraction so Big Show can take
over. We settle down to Rollins driving knees into Erick’s head
before it’s back to Show for a snapmare of all things. A DDT gets
two on Erick but Show misses the elbow. The real hot tag brings in
Ryback to clean house, but Rollins counters a swinging Rock Bottom
into a crucifix for two in a nice counter.
springboard knee to the head misses though and Ryback powerslams him
down for two. The Stooges’ distraction breaks up the Shell Shock and
the knee to Ryback’s head gets two. Seth misses a Curb Stomp and
eats a spinebuster, only to have Kane get on the apron. Rollins
enziguris Ryback down as Kane gets ejected. The referee won’t allow
a tag to Big Show that he didn’t see, leaving a protesting Rollins to
eat the Meat Hook and Shell Shock for the pin at 14:43.
C. What
is with WWE not letting Big Show or Kane do a job? You have Big Show
right there and you have Rollins do a clean job instead? Anyway,
it’s nice to see Ryback get a pin but he lost a lot of momentum at
Survivor Series. The match was your standard main event tag without
anything to make it interesting but it was a fine way to finish a
C-. This was the run of
the mill Smackdown with nothing worth seeing and very limited
storyline development, but it’s cool to see actual stories in the
midcard other than the standard stuff you see every time. Thankfully
there isn’t much time left until TLC and we can get ready for the
Rumble when things will actually pick up.
Ziggler b. Luke Harper via DQ when Harper kicked Ziggler low
Day b. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd – Top rope double stomp/backbreaker
combination to Kidd
b. Jey Uso – Skull Crushing Finale
b. Brie Bella – Rollup
Rowan b. Big Show/Seth Rollins – Shell Shock to Rollins
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