Hi Scott,

I thought bringing back Sting in the manner that they did at Survivor Series was well done.  It got people talking, and ratings for RAW went up (slightly) than what they normally do the following night.

But I think next week's ratings will go back down again because Sting didn't appear on RAW.  Creatively, to me, it makes absolutely no sense that he wouldn't show up the next night to explain his actions, and to start a program or something.

Now I understand you don't want to burn out the aura of him coming back by having him appear on TV week after week for the sake of just one match at Wrestlemania that's months away, but I don't see the harm in planting the seeds now and getting a bit more of a payoff from his Survivor Series appearance..  He can cut whatever promo and end it with "I'll come back when it's time" and there'll be a buzz about when that time will actually happen.

I guess I'm just ranting a bit, but do you like the way they're handling the return of Sting?  

– Ben

​Considering they're literally just making shit up as they go along with it, there's not really much to like or dislike one way or the other.  I'll reserve judgement until they actually go somewhere with it.  ​