Old Survivor Series ???

Spending my Thanksgiving weekend watching the original SS shows (87-89).  Couple random ones:
1) after wrestling in 87-88, Danny Davis is back to a ref in 89; was there an angle where he turned face and got his referee license back?
2) what was the plan for Bam Bam in 88?  He was booked super strong in the main event and then bounced out of the title tournament at WM 4 and just gone
3) how awesome was the women's match at the inaugural event??? Is that the best women's match in WWE history?  Or is the 95 elimination match better?
4) don't you miss the epic ten-team tag matches? Those were two fast and phenomenal 45-min matches

1.  Not really an angle so much as Jack Tunney coming on TV one week and being like "I think Danny Davis has learned his lesson, and can now referee again."  Sidenote:  Vince McMahon thought Evil Referee Danny Davis would be the biggest thing ever and was apparently shocked when it bombed completely.  The idea of a referee cheating all the babyfaces and then getting his comeuppance was supposed to be a moneymaker, I guess.  Plus Danny was always a good worker and had a good look, which is why he was used as Mr. X when they need a jobber.

2.  He was injured at WM4 (hence the short match) but in general Bigelow was a case of someone where they thought the look and aura was going to make him into a huge star, and he just never drew when they put him in those positions, and the relationship fell apart pretty quickly.

3.  It was pretty great, but not the best ever.  Jumping Bomb Angels v. Glamor Girls at the Rumble still holds that distinction for me.  If we're counting the modern era, Trish v. Lita on RAW.

4.  I miss having 10 tag teams at a given time, period.