New savage dvd

Scott- I know your review cue is backlogged as is but the new savage dvd is really an amazing piece of work. It feels pretty honest as it covers savage the person more than savage the wrestler. It confirms a lot and hints at the steph thing too. Its also just overwhelmingly sad. I have no need to watch it again but glad I watched it.
A definite check it out.
​Yeah, I know.  One of my regular e-mailers was nice enough to buy me the Ultimate Warrior DVD off Amazon recently so I've gotta check that out as well (although it's on Netflix anyways), but I'm really pumped for the Savage set.  There's actually a bunch of stuff up on Netflix and the Network now that I haven't seen before, either, and the Netflix stuff is frequently the full three-disc version.  Too much to watch, not enough time!  ​