Lucha Underground

Has no one been emailing you about this? The show has been a breath of fresh air and is groundbreaking in terms of both how the show is packaged and plots are built. It is a great mix of traditional wrasslin' drama and TV drama. Have you continued watching since episode 1? Will you be doing nerds like me a solid by ranting on them? Any other insights to offer as relate to the show's development?

​Yes, I'm watching.  I just don't feel like doing reviews and picking it apart in the same way I would, say, 1995 WWF.  But it's absolutely the best weekly wrestling show right now, and it's destroying NXT and the WWE main shows both in storytelling and consistent quality of in-ring work presented.  Plus it's only an hour and they can still "tell stories" because it uses actual actors and actual TV writers.  ​