RF Video Shoot Interview with Ricardo

This was released in October 2014.

The Interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs for three hours and six minutes long.

The interview starts with Ricardo being asked if he was a fan of wrestling growing up. He said he was a big Lucha Libre fan as he grew up in California and in Mexico. He said that he did not watch American wrestling until 2001.

He did amateur wrestling in high school briefly as they took it away due to lack of funding. He said that he got into American wrestling when one of his teammates had a “black box” at home and watched and at first thought it was “kind of gay” as he was used to amateur wrestling. He got into American wrestling when he saw the TLC Match at WM 17 and wanted to get into wrestling after seeing Edge spear Jeff Hardy off of the ladder.

After high school, Ricardo started to research backyard feds and got into that for a bit. He said he made a deal with them as he offered to make posters and video packages for them if they let him into the company. Later on, Ricardo said that he used his multimedia skills to promote and sell himself to other companies. He said that they ran monthly shows and would watch some of the TNA X division matches and try to copy them move for move and practiced for a month yet still fucked them up.

From that, he got offered a spot for a Lucha Fed where he set up the ring. He then talks about how he made no money and would drive for several hours and sleep in his car and live off of the McDonald’s Value Menu and take “truck stop showers” and notes that fans watching on TV have no idea how much he sacrificed to get to the WWE.

He then got some actual training by a guy that Ricardo describes as an “old fat dude.” The first day he said they would work on punches and legitimately punched Ricardo in the face then gave the rest of the class worked punches to show them a lesson. After that, someone else trained him for six months and beat the shit out of him. He said only three people finished the class, with one of them Eric Watts from “Tough Enough.”

Ricardo was known as “Chimera,” as he picked out the name because he was big fan of mythology. He said he figured he could punch and kick like Muta while incorporating the high-flying lucha style. He also talks about how he would take moves from the bigger name wrestlers and even in the WWE he would watch stuff like Japanese Women’s Wrestling and get some moves from them too.

When asked about guys around this time who should have gotten a bigger chance, he says that Scott Lost and Lil’ Cholo could have done something if given an opportunity.

He puts over Mike Quackenbush for being a fair and honest promoter for a minute then talks about how he helped train at a school run by GQ Money, who he says is now training at the WWE Performance Center, and is now training at Larry Zbyszko’s school in Florida. He said that he learned by teaching others and was helped out a lot coming up and wants to pay it forward.

Ricardo worked a few shows for Dragon Gate, saying he did an awful dark match but had a much better match the second time out. When asked, he said that he had no interaction with Gabe Sapolsky and got the matches through Kevin Kleinrock. He also got to be on the XPW 10th Anniversary show, which he said was fun.

On how he got into the WWE, he got an email from a promoter named Jesse Hernandez that the WWE was coming to town and they needed some guys. He got a tryout scheduled the day after SummerSlam and had his match watched by Jamie Noble, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, and Ty Bailey, who was the Head of Developmental. They put several guys through the ringer and when it was done, Bailey asked him if he was married or had kids and if he would move to Florida if given the opportunity then left. He then said he went and saw the catering table and was in heaven as he was dead broke and living off of tuna packets and Ramen noodles at the time. As he was stuffing his face, he overheard Hernandez telling WWE officials that he spoke Spanish as the other guy they were going to use passed up the role the WWE offered him for some reason. They went up to Ricardo and asked him if he had a tuxedo and experience as a ring announcer and he said yes, even though he did not have a tux and has never been an announcer before. They told Ricardo to go to the Smackdown taping so before the show he got a tux at a Goodwill store and went across the street to the bridal shop and got a bowtie then went to the arena. He said while backstage he saw Vince walking around and notes how he walks in real life the same way he does on TV. Vince then told him to be more animated and “Latino” so Ricardo thought back to the AAA announcers in Mexico and how over the top they were and channeled them. During his part, he forgot a line and remembered an episode of “Friends” in which Joey said that if you forgot your line, just look up, pause and smile so he did that and it went well so they asked him to come back again. The next day, Alberto Del Rio had a tryout match against Alex Kozlov that went well and spoke with Mark Carrano from talent relations then John Laurinaitis pulled them into the office and offered them contracts and told him and Kozlov they had to go to Pittsburgh for medical testing before going to Florida to report to Developmental. Ricardo said that he broke down crying after talking to his girlfriend about the news.

When he was hired, Del Rio was still doing dark matches and not called up to the main roster and Ricardo was never told he was going to be with Del Rio. At the time, Ricardo said he was basically an extra hanging around while waiting to get signed and said he made a lot of stupid locker room mistakes such as shaking hands and saying hi to guys who were on their phones or eating and also got dressed in the locker room and after everyone else gave him the stink eye, he decided to leave. Ricardo said they had no clue he was signed by the company. Ricardo also said that he found out not to do these things afterwards.

Ricardo talks about no one in FCW liked him at the time as he was already on the road with the main roster without having spent time down there. He said he started backwards as started on the road then trained at Developmental. He also said he was getting paid both for being on the road and for his Developmental contract. While in Developmental he was only there for promo class and never wrestled on the shows as he was with Del Rio for the WWE shows. Ricardo said that no one even knew he was a wrestler until later on and how that kinda sucked.

He puts over Steve Keirn, Norman Smiley, and Tom Prichard as being great teachers and how they gave feedback and were honest with you. Ricardo said that others would say your match was fine, even when it wasn’t, and not offer any feedback so you never got to learn anything for them.

Ricardo talks about how he came with the idea for the Ascension and wanted 7 people to be part of the stable but Dusty told them that was too many so he settled on 5. It included himself, Shaul Guerrero, Primo Colon, Kenneth Cameron (Bram), and Konnor. He wanted that as they would have a female, lucha guy, technical guy, and power guy with him as the mouthpiece who would motivate them all. This went on for a bit but Dusty called him into his office and said that he was out of the group as it contradicted his TV character on WWE TV. A few weeks later he saw the gimmick on TV and they were doing a Vampire-like gimmick that Ricardo did not want to see.

When asked to compare developmental back then to today, Ricardo said it was fun when he started in 2010 but now it is a “Nazi Camp.” Ricardo said that they are building machines and having them do all sorts of cardio and they are in great shape but as a result of the grueling schedule everyone is too tired and getting hurt. Ricardo then talks about how they had a trainer named Rob McIntyre back in 2012. This guy was actually John Cena’s trainer and Ricardo put him over for being awesome but at that time Bill DeMott came in and started to use his drills. Ricardo said he likes DeMott a lot personally but disagreed with his training methods and when guys were getting hurt as a result, McIntyre talked to DeMott about not having the guys train like that as they were getting hurt.  DeMott then complained to the office about and as a result, McIntyre got fired. When asked, Ricardo said he heard the horror stories from DeMott as a trainer but never witnessed them himself. Ricardo also said that when he was a road agent for the girls, he was telling Kelly Kelly how to do a headscissors and Ricardo noticed that DeMott was telling her the incorrect way to do it and would have gotten hurt that way. Ricardo then talks about how when he went down to NXT, he saw some of the drills DeMott was using and noted how they will get you into shape but you will not learn any wrestling from them and talks about how he can wrestle an hour-long match at his own pace but not last five minutes at the frantic pace they had to keep up during their workouts.

He found out that he was going to work with Del Rio when after his debut he found out that Vince liked him and decided to pair them up. At the beginning, Ricardo said that he and Del Rio did not have much in common but they grew close as they traveled.

Ricardo talks about being given awful scripts so he decided to make the most out of every situation and as time went on the crowd caught on how he was having fun with the role. He then said he started to lose a sense of pride that he had as an actual wrestler then decided to study for his role by watching silent films and even films with “Silent Bob.” He said he even watched boxing to learn how and where to fall when selling.

It took three months for him as an extra until someone spoke to him. He said that Rosa Mendes came up to him at a Smackdown taping to compliment him on his bumping and after that the other divas and some of the Developmental callups spoke with him. As this was going on, he started to help out some of the divas in the ring and became an unofficial trainer of sorts and got him respect in the locker room for being able to wrestle as no one really knew he even was a wrestler.

When asked about what gets you heat when you first come into the WWE, Ricardo talks about how there is a masseuse backstage at every show that is technically for everyone but it is really only for the top guys and one of the female Rose Buds decided to get a massage and Carrano saw her and told her to get up and leave. He recalls a story of Seth Rollins and how a few weeks after getting called up put an icepack on the back of his neck after a match. Ricardo said that he didn’t take a bump on his neck or anything but just felt that he needed to use one. Anyway, Cena saw him and came up to Seth and asked him how many matches he had on the road and Seth said he had three and Cena walked off after that. Ricardo also tells a story about Summer Rae doing something similar while on a tour in Europe as she was doing the dancing gimmick with Fandango and put an ice pack on her ankle backstage and got called out by Randy Orton.

He stays on the subject of locker room etiquette and said when he first started with the company all of the FCW guys had to be in the ring an hour before the show. Ricardo says that this is no longer the case. Also, if a new guy is on a flight and is near the front while an agent is in the back, you switch seats with them. Ricardo said that rule is longer in place, either. Also, if the locker room was cramped and a star comes in, you offer your seat to them. He then tells a story of the Shield and how when they first got called up, Dolph Ziggler was the champ and was at media day, which meant you got up at like 5am and did interviews basically all day long then went to the arena early to take a nap because you did not have time to get back to the hotel. They were in San Antonio and they have a really small locker room. Well, the Shield had their stuff all over the place and Dolph came in and saw that there was no spots and started to dress in the hallway. Ricardo and Justin Gabriel saw this so Gabriel grabbed Mike Chioda and told him to tell the Shield to move their stuff. Ricardo said that Gabriel did that because the locker room is no longer allowed to police themselves anymore because the company doesn’t want people complaining to Talent Relations if something happens. He said its a shame those rules do not exist anymore.

On the subject of Vince McMahon, Ricardo said that Vince was hands-on and helpful and supportive to them but would also do things like tell him not to smile too much then the next week ask him why he was not smiling. Ricardo talks about Vince liking juvenile humor and how he would even sometimes take credit for things they came up with on the fly.

Ricardo loved working with Rey Mysterio and said he was his biggest fan. He even said that he took the 619 unprotected for him the first time he took the move. He also calls Rey one of the most humble people he has ever met.

He is asked about several WWE workers. Ricardo said that Cena is a machine and deserves everything he has. On CM Punk, he admirers him on how he stands up for himself. When asked what he thought happened that caused him to leave the WWE, Ricardo said that he thinks Punk felt the company was fucking with him and got fed up and left, much like how he did. Ricardo said that he thinks everyone has tried to beat up Miz backstage at least once during his four years with the WWE. He calls Stephanie beautiful and intelligent and learned not to speak Spanish in front of her as she can speak Spanish as well, which was something he learned while speaking to Rey backstage one day when Stephanie chimed in and spoke Spanish to them. Ricardo said at least they were not saying anything derogatory. Ricardo said he thanked Edge & Christian backstage at his first WrestleMania and gave them hugs and started to cry. He cites those two as the reason he got into American wrestling. He said that John Laurinaitis was a dick but he did take care of the boys and wishes that he was still in that role today. He never dealt with the Undertaker much but he was always courteous to him and liked Del Rio because of his MMA background. Ricardo said that Randy Orton and Big Show can both be very moody at times but seems to like them both.

Now, he is asked about guys he worked with on NXT as a trainer. He said that he is close friends with Konnor and felt bad when he was told to eliminate him as that meant you had to go back down to FCW. He said he replaced Del Rio as the pro when ADR basically told the company to go fuck off as he was on all sorts of segments on the main shows and felt this was too much. On managing Brodus Clay, Ricardo said that he was interesting and had to tell him to settle down a few times in and outside of the ring. He tells a story about how Brodus worked Christian in one of his first singles matches on RAW. Ricardo said that Christian is the type who would have the match laid out before you got backstage move-by-move but Brodus struggled to remember. Ricardo said that he was used to remembering spots as he is a self-described spot monkey. Anyway, during the match Brodus asked Ricardo a few times on what to do and Ricardo told him. The match went fine and then when they went back down to FCW and Brodus got some praise, he told them that he had the whole match down, not giving Ricardo credit for helping him out.

Ricardo talks more about his first WrestleMania. He said that he learned a lot from Edge then and was even allowed to give some input into the match. He recalls a story of how he was supposed to take a spear in a dark match from Edge but a spot got switched without him knowing and he was not in the right spot so Del Rio ended up getting speared and after that, Ricardo heard Edge yell “fuck” and backstage Edge taught him how he always needed to know where he was supposed to be. When asked about whether or not he knew Edge was retiring, Ricardo said that they found out about five hours before the show and switched the plans as Del Rio was originally supposed to be the champion but Edge wanted to leave as the champ.

When asked about moving to RAW in 2011, Ricardo said it was different working on live TV and experienced time cuts at this point. He did say that Smackdown was way more laid back than RAW. He said that the RAW script is constantly changing and you wouldn’t even bother learning to recite a promo until about an hour before you went out because the chances are that it was going to get changed at least once. On Smackdown, there was occasional changes to the script only.

He said that the Big Show was easy to work with during their feud. When asked what led to the angle in which Ricardo was off TV after getting punched by the Big Show, Ricardo said that he learned that when he sold too good they would take him off of TV to sell the injury so after a few times he stopped doing that.

Ricardo is asked if Cena was “one of the boys.” He said it depends on the situation. Ricardo said that Cena liked him and Del Rio a lot. He said that Cena respected what he did outside of the ring and tells a story of how the agents would let Ricardo come up with their matches as they trusted him in that role. He said that he came up with Del Rio/Swagger at WM 29 and Del Rio/Orton at Survivor Series too.

He mentions how the company once wanted him to get drunk at a Christmas party for RAW and declined, stating it was the only thing he ever said no too while in the WWE. Ricardo felt that it was stereotypical.

Ricardo tells a story of people joking around with him and said that Michael Hayes liked him because he would play along with his jokes. He said that the immigration segments hit too close to home as his sister’s husband got deported and she had to go down to Mexico and called Ricardo up and said that there neighbor got beheaded as the drug cartels were really violent and sweeping across the country so Ricardo said he paid for lawyers and they got them back into the country. Ricardo also said that the storyline happened well after the real-life problems his family had faced.

He heard that Kevin Dunn did not like him much but said that it was all through hearsay. Ricardo also said that he was told that Dunn purposely left him out of the WrestleMania graphic for Del Rio’s match. When asked if he has a lot of power he says that he is Vince’s right hand man but does not know much more beyond that.

Ricardo now talks about how he was originally supposed to be teaming with Miz & Del Rio to face off against 3MB but got a concussion at the “Tribute to the Troops” show from Ryback and not cleared to wrestle so the Brooklyn Brawler got the chance as a result. Ricardo was pissed as he did not get a chance to wrestle. The next day in Philadelphia they used Dreamer instead of Brawler and the Shield did run-in during the match. Ricardo said he ran down during the match and knew he was going to take contact but specifically told the Shield not to touch his head and did so multiple times as he was just coming off of a concussion. Well, during the segment, either Ambrose or Rollins clocked him and Ricardo got knocked down. They went down for the attack but Ricardo was legitimately fuming and said he was spitting and swearing at them during the segment, which was live. When they thanked him backstage, Ricardo went off on them all three of them and told Dean to go back to CZW. He said that Hayes and Carrano and to go over and calm him down. Feinstein asks Ricardo if he thought the Shield might have been overanxious and Ricardo said that might have been the case but at the same time he told them to stay away from his head multiple times. When he got to the hotel the following night, he thought about the incident and how the Shield were HHH’s guys and how he might be fucked as a result and possibly fired. The next day, Carrano asked him he was okay and that was all he said. In the locker room, everyone was quiet around him and Roman Reigns went up to apologize for what happened while the other two did not.

When asked about Paul Heyman, Ricardo said that he was amazing and a big politician. He noticed how Heyman would always try to talk to people who were starting to get pushed.

On the night Dolph Ziggler beat Alberto Del Rio for the title he talks about how incredible it was to hear the crowd erupt for Ziggler’s entrance music. He talks about the injury that led to him dropping the title and said he never saw a human act the way he did backstage. He had AJ and Big E hold him backstage and he was crying then he would sit there and not talk for periods. He does feel that the title was taking away prematurely.

When asked why the office does not get behind Ziggler, Ricardo says that a lot of it has to do with the fact that he stands up for himself and the more you do that, the more they do not like you as they want “pawns and toy soldiers” instead. Feinstein asks if that was always the case and Ricardo said no as Vince always liked guys who stood up for themselves. He talks about promo class with Vince one day and how he kept walking by and purposely stepped on the foot of Curtis Axel as it was sticking out. After a few times, Vince asked him if he was going to say anything and Axel just said sorry but Vince told him he was doing it on purpose so he could hear him stand up for himself. However, Ricardo said the new office regime does not want guys standing up for themselves.

Ricardo talks more about the new office regime and how they fucked over the talent on money, especially when it comes to the Network and video game checks. He said that a lot of them used the video game money for taxes and throws out how they were getting less than half what they go the previous year, despite being the biggest grossing game of all-time. He mentioned how this past WrestleMania was the highest grossing of all-time and their payoffs did not reflect that and says that the office fucked up financially and is taking it out on the talent as a result. He understands some people had to get cut but felt that they cut the wrong people and talks about the WWE Social Media department guys getting their flights, hotels, and cars paid for even with a business card to use for expenses whereas the talent gets their flights paid for but pay for everything else with their own money. Ricardo said that department is useless as they all know how to tweet themselves. Ricardo then said that the only reason they even have a Social Media department is because of Zack Ryder and how he got over using that. Ricardo said that they fucked over Ryder and does believe they punished him as he got over on his own.

He talks about the current regime in place in NXT. DeMott is still the head trainer and Joey Mercury is one of the top trainers. Ricardo said he and Del Rio got along well with Mercury then once Mercury got called up to the WWE, he became in charge of handling the matches for the Shield and after that gradually became less and less friendly towards him.

He learned that he was getting split from Alberto Del Rio eventually but believed it happened when it did as the result of him being punished for getting suspended. On teaming with RVD, he learned about that a few hours before it happened and said that it made no sense. He calls RVD easy to work with.

On how he got to wrestle as El Local for “Saturday Morning Slam,” he got a call from Road Dogg about working against Sin Cara on the show. He said that Sin Cara could not speak English and only communicated to guys who spoke Spanish like Del Rio and himself, who did not care of him at all. The office asked them to help out Sin Cara and they did. After working a lot with Primo, who could work the lucha style, they then wanted him to wrestle against guys who were higher on the card but Cara could not communicate in English and as a result his matches were filled with botches. Ricardo notes how Cara refused to go down to train in FCW and compares it to asking a star like Hogan or Cena to go down to developmental as Cara was a huge star in Mexico. Back to the story name, HHH’s right hand guy told him he could not wrestle under the name Chimera.

He talks about Tyson Kidd, who was not happy to be teaming with him. Ricardo said that Kidd would skip his spots and nix his ideas.

Ricardo feels that NXT has an amazing product right now. He also says that he feels some of them are spoiled, especially those who did not wrestle in the independents as they do not have caterin of the technology available to them at the Performance Center.

He then lets us know that William Regal and himself held the pre show tryouts and would get into the ring sometimes if they liked a guy. Ricardo said that the main thing he would do is see if they would listen and notes how they have had top Ring of Honor guys have great matches but once they started to change things up and call everything in the ring they would get lost. On the most impressive tryout, Ricardo said that he the only two guys who stopped everyone in their tracks by how good it was were Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, who currently wrestle as the Mechanics in NXT. Ricardo said that they both beat the shit out of each other.

On why the Briscoes have not been signed by the WWE, Ricardo heard that it was because of their remarks on Twitter then talks about how the WWE takes that stuff very seriously and even had the talent meet with GLAAD after Michael Cole called Josh Matthews a “fag” on Twitter. They are also told not to say anything about celebrities because it could end up offending one of the company’s sponsors.

About how he left the WWE, Ricardo said that he quit and was not released. He was sitting at home as they had nothing for him and was getting fucked over with his pay. He states that the locker room was pissed off over their video game checks and agreed to complain to the office together but Ricardo ended up being the only one who did and was told by Carrano that they would look into the situation then after that someone told Del Rio that Ricardo was complaining about his pay and should be lucky that he even has a spot, Del Rio then told Ricardo  what they said to him and stuff like that continued.

He then talks about how you make your money at house shows and on PPV’s, not TV, then talks about how the WWE has two pay systems: The “Bucket List” which pays you your base salary then whatever extra you made would get added to a “piggy bank” that you received at the end of the year, something Ricardo said is good for those with difficulties controlling their money and the other where you get paid everything you earned that week in your check. Ricardo did the latter for years with Del Rio but once he got taken off of live events and only did TV’s with RVD, he had to reach into his own personal accounts so he called Carrano to get his pay system changed over to the bucket list and got blown off when he called his office for about five months until he finally reached him and was told it was too late in the year to change the pay system. Ricardo said that was the main reason he left.

Also, they started to take Ricardo away from the local tryout matches and helping the extras. He explains when Regal went on the road to basically scout independent wrestlers there was no one else left to conduct the local tryouts or instruct the extras so he took it upon himself to assume the roll. Regal then kept on joking about how he was trying to steal his job away then one day someone from the office told him that HHH said he could no longer do this role as it was not his job. Ricardo’s response was that he had been doing it for three years and did not ask for a single penny. They gave the job to Tensai who was doing the pre show stuff for the network and John Coen, who was Carrano’s errand boy according to Ricardo. A few weeks later, there was no one there to help the locals and a few of them who knew Ricardo from the past approached him and were told by Ricardo that he was no longer in that role then Carrano asked Ricardo to take it over for a day but to check with Scott Armstrong, who took over the role from Tensai. Ricardo said that Armstrong was learning how to time out the shows and always busy during the day thus unable to help out the extras. The following week, Ricardo was pulled back into the office and was warned about helping out the extras, despite being asked to by the company. Again, they told Ricardo it was not his job so Ricardo asked why they had an issue with this after 3.5 years and never got an answer. Ricardo then asked what they wanted him to do as he was off TV and doing some Spanish commentary but always finished early and had a lot of time to kill. He then talked about how they called him up one day as he lived near Full Sail and asked him to team with Kalisto and they had a match against the Legionnaires that the offices liked and that led to a match against the Ascension. Ricardo said that he got hurt before that match by one of the “stupid, little football players” in NXT and had bruised ribs and when the match did not go that well, they critiqued everyone and after that Ricardo was taking off of everything. Shortly after that while laying in bed, Ricardo realized how unhappy he became and was trying to pitch ideas to reunite him with Del Rio but HHH and the Head of Creative shut them down and called up Carrano to thank him but that he was done and could do more elsewhere and be happy and a few days later they granted him his release.

Ricardo talks about the positive things that came from the WWE like how he paid his own bills, parents bills, and got to do charity work and how much he enjoyed it all. When asked, they told him no TNA or ROH for 90 days.

When asked about HHH referencing him as a “bumble bee, ” Ricardo said that in his head he was saying “fuck you” but played it off and learned from Savio Vega recently in Puerto Rico that HHH said the same thing to him back in the day as he refers to bigger guys who can fly as bumble bees, which Ricardo think is stupid.

Ricardo talks about HHH and feels that if you are not one of his boys then you do not matter as he said guys Laurinaitis brought in like Wade Barrett and Sheamus got push back and cast aside when HHH’s regime came in place. He then said that he understands how Road Dogg and Billy Gunn got positions in the company but not should have leapfrogged guys like Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko for their spots.

On who is underutilized, Ricardo says that Cody Rhodes and the Usos are good and for the girls says that it is probably Natalya then talks about how much he hated “Total Divas” and how it is not an example of how wrestling really is at all.

When asked about how Del Rio got fired, Ricardo said he was told how Cody Barbierri, a Social Media Worker, did not clean up his plate and said that was what Del Rio was for and when confronted, Barbierri sat there and smiled at him so Del Rio slapped him down. Ricardo also said that a similar thin happened last year when Big Show slapped a Social Media worker but he did not face any reprocussions and also mentioned how HHH did not like Del Rio.

Ricardo tells a story about Del Rio and how while in England he was not booked for Smackdown so he decided to get some food and ate it in the locker room as the kitchen was full. An agent then came up to him and told him he was going to put over Xavier Woods in a dark match and Del Rio said that he was just in a battle with Sheamus and how jobbing to Woods made no sense, to which Ricardo replies that the company does not even pay attention to their own storylines when asked by Feinstein. Anyway, Del Rio asked HHH and the writer if Vince knew about him putting over Woods and they apparently just mumbled something so Del Rio went straight to Vince and later on HHH came up to Del Rio and said that there was a misunderstanding as Del Rio wound up wrestling Sheamus on Smackdown.

When asked if he felt the company was racist, he said he doesnt have to tell you it is racist as you can watch and see dancing black guys and how they made Del Rio a Mexican version of Hacksaw Duggan who carried the Mexican flag.

Ricardo closes by once again stating how thankful he was for the opportunity in the WWE so he could get out of debt and help his family.

Final Thoughts: Very good interview. Ricardo gave a lot of insight into how the company has changed and from what he says it is not for the best. He also talked about all of the positives he got from working in the WWE too so he did not just bash the company non-stop or anything like that.

Despite all of that, Ricardo also displayed a knowledge of the wrestling business. He also was a passionate give who gave it his all whenever he was involved in a match. I respect guys like that.

It did seem like Ricardo was not a big fan of HHH but he did not outright bash him or obnoxiously complain about him either.

Overall, I strongly recommend this interview to get good insight on today’s backstage atmosphere in the WWE.

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