wwe network UK

Hey Scott,

I'm a WWE fan currently based in the uk that has signed up for the network I watch it through my Xbox 360 normally and have to use unblock us to access the content. Over the last week I've noticed that I haven't had to use unblock us at all at the network works no problem could that mean that the geoblocking for countries has now been lifted? Maybe worth putting it out the BOD'ers who are based in the UK and Canada to see if they can also do this because it's not been officially announced yet by the WWE.


Yeah, I saw your post on Reddit.  I think it was just lifted for testing or some other minor purpose, because no one else has mentioned it.  It's definitely still geoblocked in Canada.  Or maybe they're just keeping it on the QT, I dunno.  Awesome for you if so, although I use UnblockUS for Netflix and Hulu anyway so it wouldn't really matter to me if WWE was unlocked up here because I'd still be paying the $5 a month for Unblock.  

There's a plug for the WWE Network subreddit too.