WCW Worldwide: November 10, 1996

It’s the only hour that
Roddy Piper’s interview won’t be played in full, WCW Worldwide! And tonight …
oh hell, they’re hyping Piper’s interview. What the hell WCW? Is nothing
sacred? I just want to watch horrible Todd Morton matches and get on with my day.

I’m glad Tanaka survived
nWo Saturday Night to return to a world with full colored cameras, and a
potentially even playing field. Your referee is … RANDY ELLER. Hah, you expected someone else? Wright hits about 40
European uppercuts in a row, which is equivalent to about half of a Dave Taylor
punch. Tanaka comes back with a sitdown powerbomb for 2. Wright crawls to the
safety of the ropes, and goes back to a series of European uppercuts cuz it’s
what we do in Europe. A missile dropkick nearly whiffs, but it’s enough to get
the pin at 2:52. *
From a distance, I
thought they’d given Chris Benoit the “already in the ring” treatment, which
both disappointed me from a booking standpoint, but excited me from a match
standpoint. Alas, it’s Randy Starr, which is the pornstarriest name since
Sexton Hardcastle. Starr hits a tough shoulderblock and draws boos because he
didn’t get an entrance. Jericho comes back with a dropkick to the knees, and he
kicks away at the now tender area. An avalanche misses, as Jericho’s face meets
buckle, and Starr hits a superkick. Starr works a headlock, which just serves
to waste time. Jericho hits what Heenan calls the “dreaded Greco Roman double
shin lock” which is actually a botched slingshot rana. They repeat the spot,
and Jericho finishes with the Lionsault at 3:55.
Hey, were you aware that
Roddy Piper appeared at Halloween Havoc to confront Hulk Hogan? No? Here’s the
complete 10 minute spot, if somehow you’re watching Worldwide but not Nitro or
Saturday Night.
These spelling
deficiencies are not ok. The producers of all the shows need to sit down and
hammer out a concrete plan for everyone going forward. This includes Rey
Misterio Mysterio, whether or not he’s a Junior, Maxx (Muscle?), and Nick
Patrick or Doctor X. It’s going to be hell by the time Blitzkreig arrives.
Chavo hits a crossbody for a close 2, but that draws out RON THE LEPRECHAUN and not Jack Boot. Braun is less intimidating
than usual, just running circles instead of trying to eat every member of the
WCW cast and crew. Splash Mountain wins for Konan at 2:33. Konan invites Eddie to the Dungeon, which sounds like an idea
straight out of 50 Shades of La Raza. I’d recommend he not go. DUD
world cruiserweight title)
Of course, since this was
taped when Rey was still champion, neither guy is carrying the belt, but Bobby
covers things up beautifully. He says he encouraged Malenko to come out and
shove the belt in Rey’s face, but Malenko replied “I’ll show it to him when I’m
ready”. This is about the 8th or 9th time these guys have
faced off since June, and it’s not that I don’t approve, but I hate getting
burned out on quality matchups. Rey hits a reverse Frankensteiner, but Malenko
rolls right through the move and catapults Rey to the outside. Mysterio
re-enters with a springboard somersault dick to the face, followed by a
beautiful spinning rana that frustrates Malenko so much he needs a breather to
think things over. He slowly re-enters, and wrings Mysterio’s shoulder repeatedly.
A hammerlock slam leaves Rey clutching his arm, and smelling blood, Malenko
follows with a snap overhead hammerlock belly to belly suplex. Mysterio rolls
to the floor, but Malenko’s all over him, throwing Rey shoulder first to the
ring post. Back in, Rey leaps right into Malenko’s hands, who propels him
upwards into a bellyflop. Malenko goes for the powerbomb to set up the
Cloverleaf, but Mysterio snaps off the West Coast Pop in mid-air! He doesn’t go
to cover however, and seconds later he’s tied back up in a hammerlock armbar.
Mysterio slips away, and locks Malenko in a small package for 2. A pissed off
Deano stands up and just pounds at the shoulder. Malenko guillotines the
shoulder, and refuses to move, trying to turn it into a pin. It doesn’t work,
so now we move to a crossface hammerlock that has Rey squealing like a pig.
Malenko releases and goes for a backbreaker, but Rey twists in mid-air and
falls on top for 2. Malenko baseball slides Rey to the floor in retaliation,
right on the shoulder of course. Back in, Malenko goes for an armwringer, but
Mysterio starts bouncing off the ropes, and hooks the head with his feet,
rolling through with an Oklahoma roll for 2! Great sequence. Rey goes for a
rana, but Malenko powerbombs him and goes to apply the Cloverleaf. Rey, having
been here before, hooks Malenko’s leg as they turn over, and schoolboys him for
2!! Even though I know better, I actually thought that was it. Malenko heads
up, but Rey stops him and goes for the Frankensteiner. Dean shoves him off, but
misses whatever he is going for, and in a flash Mysterio’s up and nailing a sky
twisting bodyblock for 2! Mysterio goes for another rana, but Malenko drops
down with a sidewalk slam, and scores the pin at 10:31. I hate the ending, but I loved the match. ****

Next week: The big names
keep rolling out. Brad Armstrong! Billy Kidman! Renegade! Joe Gomez! I can feel
your excitement LITERALLY dripping down your collective legs! I hope you can
hold out until then.