Cena = worst partner ever?

I read the Cageside review and I'm glad I wasn't alone wondering where the heck Super-Cena: defender of all that is true and good was while Dolph got beaten up by 4 guys and screwed out of his title, or when Sheamus was put through a table, or Show choked out.  Does Vince realize how unlikable their child friendly star appears to be to anyone over 12?   Is there a worse message to send the so called PG fan base than "sit around and watch your friends get beat up, don't worry they'll still defend your honor".  Not too mention, Cena is likely going over strong for the Brock-push, so literally the ENTIRE roster, face and heel will be buried by Cena's booking.  His team looks stupid and clueless for risking their jobs for a selfish jerkwad, and the authority will be jobbers for him.  He is the real life equivalent of the high school jock and NO ONE likes the high school jock!   They should just pair Nikki with him already
​Not to mention that now everyone who did stand up with him is risking their job (in storyline) if they lose.  And while we know Cena would get hired back somehow the night after, do you really think anyone is going to stick their neck out to get Erick Rowan his job back?  
This is what happens when they lose all their top stars and have never bothered to make new ones.  All Cena, All The Time! ​