Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

It is rainy and nasty here, perfect night to make some chili and watch some TV.

Not a whole lot going on that I wanted to talk about. I listened to the JR podcast with J.J. Dillon and it’s a really good one because…no one is going to out talk J.J. Dillon and he was great. Basically said the original Horseman were the best because they were organically put together by the fans as he was just managing Tully at the time. And he said the Hall of Fame version was the unquestioned best in the ring because Windham was such a great talent.

I can get with that.

Anyway TV for tonight


Steelers-Oilers Titans on Monday night football

One NHL Game but Lightning-Rangers is a pretty one to have

Nine Games from the Association as the Sixers will try to break 50 against the Spurs.

ESPN starts it’s 24-hour tip-off of college basketball tonight on most of its networks. Not a CBK fan but I like a 7 a.m. basketball game as much as the next gal.

New Gotham, Castle, Blacklist, Dancing With the Stars, etc.

Enjoy and keep it clean!