Whither wrestling in Canada?

So….. TNA's new deal will have no Canadian exposure. The only exposure ROH has in Canada is  through US TV, assuming that you have access to a channel running it on your cable package. The only way to find Lucha Underground is to download it. And while we do still have Raw, Smackdown and Main Event on Sportsnet 360, I haven't been able to find NXT on 360 for weeks. Plus,  the Network in Canada is mostly unavailable, and handicapped.

Given that there seems to be a growing disenchantment with the the WWE product amongst anyone other than casual viewers, do you see some kind of option for Canadian wrestling fans in the near future? I know there is a couple fairly successful promotions in BC And Ontario, but they have no TV. Legend City Wrestling in Newfoundland has a half hour show on NTV, but it seems to be months, if not years, out of date. There used to be some viable options in The Fight Network and ESPN Classics, but most people don't have those stations (I dumped both of them, because the cost of paying extra for those stations and only watching 1 show on them was getting stupid. I know there is the option of Internet, but outside of big cities, that isn't an option (the only way I can get anything close to high speed is through Xplornet, which doesn't allow me to dupe DNS addresses to a US one to be able to use options like Hulu or Network faking).

Is there a desire, a fanbase and enough talent for a viable Canadian alternative to the WWE's monopoly in Canada?

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Good question.  ROH is actually fairly easy to access, given that it's on most cable systems up here via FOX Rochester or Buffalo.  WWE barely even runs shows up here anymore, as they haven't been here in Saskatoon since 2011 and ran Regina once last year, I think.  The bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto will get one show a year typically, but everyone else seems to be on a once per two years schedule.  So it's kind of no wonder that the fanbase is getting eroded.  That being said, I think fans are satisfied with the amount of wrestling currently on TV from WWE, and it would be more beneficial to get them to expand their live event schedule.  There's been lots of smaller indies popping up, but the population is way too spread out to do anything nationally.