Could surviving be even worse for TNA?

Apparently TNA is going to announce they've signed a deal with Destination America which is a channel that a lot of people either don't get, or do get and don't watch.

So even if they do survive and sign on with this channel that almost nobody watches for two years, they're going to have even less of a budget and an even thinner roster.
Is Panda Energy's plan to just ride the horse 'till it drops instead of doing the honorable thing and shooting the poor creature in the head to end its' suffering?

I don't particularly get what the endgame is supposed to be, either.  Losing even more money by taking a crappy deal and then running the expensive Manhattan Center for tapings?  The roster is going to have to be trimmed to ROH levels to even survive, and it's not like house show revenues can prop them up. And also, they'll have no Canadian exposure and will lose that market completely.  I just don't get it.