Vince’s ego

I was just watching the Rhodes/Flair "Rivalries" show on the network and just as with almost all other original non- WWE content, they had to ruin a great show, by once again reminding us how Vince brought WWE to the national spotlight and destroyed the competition.

Is it just me or is this annoying as f---?

​Yeah, especially because you then watch the Monday Night Wars series where the storyline is that Ted Turner tried to expand WCW and used predatory business practices to destroy the WWF, which was bad of him.  And then WCW died and Vince used predatory business practices to buy the remaining carcass of WCW, and that was good again.  
Also, frankly I'm shocked they could actually produce a show that didn't focus on 1997 as the pinnacle of sports entertainment history.  Good on them.  ​