Shawn Michaels In WCW

Hey Scott, I recently watched one of the Legends Roundtables (on the network!) and they mention that after Michaels and Bret Hart's backstage fight in 1997, there were rumors that after Michaels left the locker room he was going to Boston where WCW was taping 1997 in order to jump ship to them. My question is, why did Bischoff never really go after Shawn as heavily as he did Bret to get him into WCW? At that point Michaels was easily as over as Bret, maybe even more so, plus his buddies were basically running the show there. I've heard some people say that WCW wouldn't have known what to do with him just like they didn't know what to do with Bret, but I find it hard to believe that with as much stroke as Nash had that he would have been buried. Was it a case of Michaels being worried that Hogan would halt any advancement for him there or what?Bischoff couldn't ever officially go after Shawn because he was locked up airtight with the WWF, although apparently at various points in the Bret feud Shawn threw tantrums to Vince trying to get fired and/or released so he could go to WCW with Hall & Nash.  That would have of course been suicide, but Shawn was on a lot of drugs at that point anyway.  Bischoff was smart enough not to tamper with contracts by that point and there was no actual threat of Shawn leaving, as much as he wanted to by 1997.