Booking the Survivor Series main event

I'm sure many fans have thought about this but isn't this main event at Survivor Series a golden chance to really put some people over and make new main event stars?  Now the fact that there is no stipulation if Cena's team loses, so I think that means the Authority is taking this victory(plus I don't see this company having the grapefruits to end this Authority angle since it's been their main thing for about a year and a half).  But with that said, wouldn't the most intriguing thing for them to do is have Cena be the first guy eliminated?  That immediately puts more intrigue in the match cause now we're guaranteed something different than the expected Cena over coming the odds to win.  I mean they could have Ryback comeback from a 4-1 deficit by just destroying people.  They could even sort of do that 'Diesel' Rumble spot where he eliminates a guy and chants 'FEED ME MORE' as he's waiting for the next guy to tag in(sorry I just really wanna see that
 spot at the Rumble).  But in my opinion, what they should do is give Ziggler the 2003 'Shawn Michaels' moment from that Team Austin vs Team Bischoff match.  Have it down to 3 on 1 and have Ziggler fight for his life to get it to one on one before he finally gets pinned by Rollins.  I mean that would get him over HUGE and the crowd would eat it up.  That would turn Ziggler into a big time main event player(before Triple H buries him the next night on RAW of course).  I mean WWE has a huge opportunity to really put some new guys over.  I guess my question is, do you think they will seize this opportunity?

……or will they just go the boring, predictable route and have Cena be the final guy, over coming the odds….again?

​Yeah, the second one there.  ​