“Losses” in Survivor Series Matches

Dear Scott,

Is a wrestler hurt much by being pinned in a Survivor Series match, or have the fans generally accepted that it's different than losing a singles match?

Not a new problem, but it seems like the Survivor Series main event has at least four people who don't need a loss right now: Cena (I know, I know, but he is the #1 contender, unless Brock lays him out), Ryback (redebuting), Luke Harper (lower on the totem pole but also redebuting), and Rusev.  The interactions with Stephanie tease Rusev walking out on the Authority, but wouldn't that make him a babyface?

​Well Stephanie already made him look like a giant pussy on RAW, so hopefully that didn't do too much damage.  "Well, we're gonna book our Russian heel super-strong to destroy all comers and spit on the flag…but he'll back down because Stephanie McMahon is MAD."  Fuck me this company.
Anyway, definitely it didn't used to be a big deal to drop a fall in these matches, especially when they'd book things like guys losing to clotheslines and shit.  Now they never want anyone to job to anyone, so we'll probably get Rusev walking out and Big Show doing a double countout with Mark Henry.  Sheamus and Ziggler are the two guys they WILL beat because one's a secondary champion and the other just was champion, and that way Cena and Ryback can overcome the odds.