Impact Wrestling – November 12, 2014

Date: November 12, 2014
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re down to just two
episodes left but I’m sure the TV deal is coming any day now, right
Dixie? The main story at the moment is the build to Roode vs.
Lashley III, but as is the case with everything else, there isn’t
anywhere to actually air the match. We also have the Wolves vs. the
Hardys coming up at some point. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
MVP getting on Lashley’s nerves last week and then losing a title
Lashley is waiting for
MVP but finds Kenny King. He asks where MVP is but King doesn’t
know. That’s not good enough though as Lashley wants to know where
MVP is. King keeps walking and doesn’t like Lashley’s attitude.
Here’s the Revolution
to open the show. Storm offered Richards a chance to join the team
last week and now he wants his answer. He gets both of the Wolves
though with Eddie saying that the answer is always going to be….cut
off by Davey apparently. Davey says he can speak for himself and
he’s been listening to what Storm has been saying. A lot of it makes
sense, but after after all this time, he’s come to the conclusion
that Storm is out of his mind.
The answer is no so
Storm sends the Revolution after them. Storm uses his noose around
Davey’s legs before crushing it with a chair. Security gets rid of
Storm but he comes back with a briefcase. Edwards tries to fight
back but takes a briefcase to the head. Eddie takes a case shot to
the ankle before Storm yells at the referee. The case is his Feast
or Fired Tag Team Title briefcase, meaning he has a shot with a
partner of his choice at any time.
Team Titles: James Storm/??? vs. Wolves
James covers Eddie for
two before planting him with the Eye of the Storm. Storm grabs the
mic and says he told Edwards to stay out of it. Cue Abyss as the
newest member of the Revolution. A chokeslam to Edwards sets up the
Black Hole Slam to give Storm the pin and the titles at 3:06. I’m
not rating it due to the announcement and entrance taking up so much
time but this was an angle instead of a match.
Storm lays out Richards
post match for good measure.
Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell
Taryn gets jumped as
she comes in but fires away on Madison. Rayne runs up the ramp but
Terrell throws her back into the ring for another beating. Madison
comes back with a kick to the ribs for some two counts as frustration
is starting to set in. Taryn’s face is bounced off the mat for two
but Madison runs into some knees in the corner. A running
neckbreaker drops Madison and Taryn is all fired up….until she runs
into a boot in the corner. Madison hammers away but the Rayne Check
is countered into an RKO to give Terrell the pin at 6:38.
C-. Not bad here as Terrell is
starting to look better out there every week. Madison getting beat
is a good thing for her as she can only win the title so many times
before it stops meaning anything (see also Gail Kim). Terrell vs.
Havok could be interesting if they let it go the right way but it
would be tricky.
comes up to Angle and demands his rematch tonight. That can’t happen
because Roode isn’t here, so Lashley gets in Angle’s face. The
tension continues to grow.
the Indian wrestler, is in the back when Manik jumps on his back. In
a friendly way of course. Manik says there’s a powerful man that
Sheera is ready to meet. Sheera goes off with him.
Kenny King with something to say. He doesn’t like the fact that
Lashley is so angry at everyone because it means bad things for
Impact Wrestling. However, he’s here to address Chris Melendez, who
had a little dust up with him a few weeks back. Cue
Melendez and Anderson with King calling Melendez a fraud.
not cool with Anderson who calls Melendez a hero and an inspiration.
King says he’s talking to
peggy over here because Melendez doesn’t belong in this ring. He
wants to fight Chris one on one but Melendez says Anderson is his
role model. King says role models don’t exist and sucker punches
Anderson before running.
Gail Kim and Taryn are
in Angle’s office to complain about Havok so Angle makes a triple
threat for the title next week.
vs. BroMans/Beautiful People
Handicap elimination
tag. Angelina and Rebel get things going with Love avoiding a kick
and scoring with a dropkick for two. Rebel comes right back with a
quick rollup for the pin to get us down to 3-3. Off to Knux vs.
Jesse with the big man cleaning house with a cartwheel into a
dropkick for two. Knux lifts DJZ up for a slam but Jesse dropkicks
his partner’s back and grabs the foot, giving DJZ a fast pin.
Steve rolls up DJZ for
the pin a second later, leaving us with Sky/Jesse vs. Steve/Rebel.
The girls go at it for a bit until Angelina sneaks back in with
hairspray to Rebel, giving Sky the pin. DJZ flips Steve into a
facebuster, setting up a gorilla press drop. Sky comes back in to
kick Steve in the ribs, only to get rolled up (and kissed) for the
pin. It’s down to Jesse vs. Steve with the Craazy one being
powerbombed for an arrogant two. Jesse puts him on the top but gets
caught in a tornado DDT for the pin at 7:04.
D. This was a waste of time as
they could have just done Steve vs. Jesse and gotten the same result.
I have no idea why they had to do an elimination tag other than
maybe Survivor Series coming up. Nothing to see here as this match
was a mess with the eliminations coming so fast that you couldn’t
keep up with them.
Young is in the back when Spud comes up and asks to be in his corner
tonight. Young says okey dokey.
look at the opening again.
Revolution is in the back with Storm telling Abyss that this is just
beginning. Sheera comes in but Storm spits on him and tells him to
leave. Storm whispers something to Manik who bows and leaves.
Young vs. Tyrus
goes after Tyrus to start but the big man throws him into the corner
and heart punches him out to the floor. Back
in and Young tries a slam for the exact result you would expect. We
hit the nerve hold on Young before Big E.’s Big Ending plants Eric
again. A Vader Bomb misses
though and Young fires off whatever he can. Spud stops Carter’s
interference as Young shoves Tyrus off the top, setting up a top rope
elbow for the pin at 4:50.
D+. At least Young isn’t in the
main event anymore. The guy just does not fit in that role so moving
him down to hopefully put Carter over at some point is a good idea.
Spud needs to do something to get his momentum back, even though
that’s rarely something that can be done.
match Lashley runs in and cleans house, including Pillmanizing
Young’s arm and putting him in a Crossface. Austin
Aries comes out with a chair of his own for the save. A
challenge is made for later.
is with Samuel Shaw in the back and says Gunner came onto her. Shaw
isn’t pleased and storms off.
Here’s Samoa Joe who
says he has to make a difficult but correct decision. He isn’t
medically cleared to compete for quite awhile and therefore he can’t
defend the title. When he won the X-Division Title again, it was to
rebuild the division that the company started on. The wrestlers in
the division as well as the fans deserve better, so he’s vacating the
title tonight. There will be a new champion crowned but the belt is
a beacon to bring Joe back for his title.
Bram wants to face
Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match next week. Dreamer’s time is over
so he’s going to bleed next week.
vs. Samuel Shaw
No DQ. Shaw hides next
to the entrance and jumps Gunner at the entrance. We pause so Shaw
can kiss Brittany, allowing Gunner to take over again. Shaw sends
him into the post but again looks at Brittany, setting up a fall away
slam from Gunner. They head inside with a bunch of chairs, including
one going into Shaw’s ribs. He comes back with a dropkick to send a
chair into Gunner’s face but Gunner escapes the choke.
A Cactus Clothesline
puts both guys on the floor and Brittany makes sure Shaw is ok. She
distracts Gunner again, allowing Shaw to send him face first into the
steps. Back in and Gunner punches Shaw out of the air before
stacking up the chairs on the floor. A superplex puts both guys down
on the chairs but Brittany gets up on the apron again.
That’s fine with Gunner
who powerbombs Shaw off the apron and onto the steps.
All three get in now and Brittany kicks Gunner low before trying to
drag Shaw over. Gunner grabs her leg though, allowing Shaw to nail
him in the back with a chair. He takes too long to go for his choke
though and takes an F5 onto the chairs for the pin at 8:58.
D. Good grief this felt long.
These guys have been feuding for almost six months now and for the
life of me I have no idea what either guy has gained from it. I can
barely remember why they’re even fighting anymore and I really don’t
care. Shaw is just not an interesting character and it shows more
and more every time he gets in the ring.
Aries vs. Lashley
throws his shirt in Lashley’s face to start and tries an early
brainbuster but is easily powered down. The Last Chancery doesn’t
work either as Lashley throws him out to the floor. Aries
nails the running dropkick against the barricade to take over but
Lashley shrugs off the missile dropkick back inside. Lashley
shoves him out of the corner and we take a break.
with Lashley snapping off so many belly to belly suplexes that even
Scott Steiner would say
something incomprehensible about sugar or being from a highly
educated university. Oh and freaks. Always freaks. The spear is
blocked though and Aries scores with a missile dropkick. Some discus
forearms put Lashley on the floor for the suicide dive but Lashley
throws him into the steps. The spear connects on the floor but it’s
a double countout at 15:23.
B-. These guys have always had
good chemistry and I liked the ending they went with. Lashley
doesn’t care about anything but the title and is willing to destroy
someone like Aries to get there. Austin is going to bounce back up
and be one of the most popular guys in the company again just by
smiling so there’s no damage.
press slams Aries on the ramp and puts Aries in the Crossface to end
the show.
This was one of the less annoying shows they’ve had in awhile but
unfortunately the TV deal looms over everything. They cut out a lot
of the drama tonight and just let people wrestle. Unfortunately a
lot of that wrestling wasn’t great but the show flew by and didn’t
get on my nerves, which is a huge step up for them in a lot of ways.
They’re setting up some intriguing stuff, but we’re likely going to
have to wait at least a month for any of the payoffs. Decent show
tonight with some promise for the future, assuming there is one.
James Storm/Abyss b.
Wolves – Black Hole Slam to Edwards
Taryn Terrell b.
Madison Rayne – RKO
Menagerie b.
BroMans/Beautiful People – Tornado DDT to Godderz
Eric Young b. Tyrus –
Top rope elbow
Gunner b. Samuel Shaw –
F5 onto a chair
Lashley vs. Austin
Aries went to a double countout
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