Monday Nitro – June 21, 1999

Nitro #193
Date: June 21, 1999
Location: Superdome,
New Orleans, Louisiana
Commentators: Tony
Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re in the
Silv…..SUPERdome tonight with three weeks before Bash at the Beach.
The main story is the old vs. new story kicking off last week with
Bagwell pinning Flair in an eight man tag. Other than that it looks
like we’re looking at Sid vs. Nash for the title at the PPV, which
almost has to be better than Nash vs. Savage. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
last week’s show. Haven’t I suffered enough?
The Hummer shows up
with Savage and entourage inside. Nash’s limo pulls up behind it and
tries to find out who was driving but the Hummer gets away. So Sid
wasn’t driving a few weeks ago?
Nitro Girls.
Master P. and some
other rappers perform. These guys are so “bout it bout it” that
they don’t even need microphones near their face to rap. This goes
on WAY too long.
The announcers wonder
about the Hummer.
Video on the music
battle match from the Bash.
Lenny Lane is in the
back and wondering what trunks to wear. Lodi comes in to give him a
pep talk for his match with Meng later because Lenny can last a long
time and has a lot of stamina. Lenny even gets a shoulder rub to
warm him up. This is exactly what it sounds like.
DJ Ran.
Kidman vs. Psychosis
We start fast with
Psychosis scoring with a shoulder and baseball slide to send Kidman
out to the floor. Kidman slingshots back in with an ankle scissors
and a great looking dropkick. A clothesline puts Psychosis on the
floor for a HUGE dive to put both guys down. Back in with Kidman
nailing a slingshot legdrop for two, only to have a superplex attempt
countered into a super gordbuster.
They head outside again
with Kidman going into the barricade, setting up a split legged
moonsault out to the floor for a cool spot. Back in again with
Kidman dropkicking the masked one out of the air, only to miss a
charge. Psychosis puts him on top for a huge hurricanrana, only to
try a powerbomb for some stupid reason. Kidman goes up for the
Shooting Star….and Savage and Sid come in for the DQ.
Rating: C.
Nice opening match but the Savage Show must continue. Sid at least
keeps Savage from needing the girls to do all the work for him to
make Savage look a bit tougher. The match itself was entertaining
but we’re running out of matches to see in the division. I
still don’t get why
Psychosis had to drop the belt back a week after winning the thing.
Mysterio has defended
it once since
winning it nearly two months
ago so why give it to him?
Sid cleans house until
Sting comes out for the save. Nash follows him out but has a
question for Sting: why didn’t he attack Savage and Sid? And why did
he get out of a black Hummer last week to go after Rick Steiner?
Sting denies driving the Hummer a few weeks ago, but Nash says he
wasn’t accusing him. Nash even calls Sting Franchise Boy. There’s a
Shane Douglas joke in there somewhere.
Piper and Flair make
Savage/Sid vs. Sting/Nash for Bash at the Beach and Sting vs. Sid for
Clips of Piper and
Flair teaming up.
Meng vs. Lenny Lane
The fans shout various
homophobic terms at Lane. Lenny’s headlock is easily broken up and a
headbutt works as well as you would expect. He tries going up top
but gets Tongan Death Gripped down to the mat for a fast pin.
Lodi helps Lane to the
Nitro Girls.
More on who was driving
the Hummer. No one knows if that wasn’t clear.
Here are Master P. and
the No Limit Soldiers, complete with Brad Armstrong in fatigues.
Master P. wants to sing Happy Birthday to his brother and asks a fan
to come in to sing the song for him. We get a guy in a big black
afro wig to sing Happy Birthday as the fans are just dying. Cue Curt
Hennig in a Dallas Stars jersey with a present for P.’s brother.
Hennig opens the gift and pulls out a cowboy hat. The brother throws
it down and stomps on it, a brawl starts and cake is thrown.
You know, out of all
the stupid stuff WCW did over the years, this might be the worst
thought out feud ever. To begin with, Master P. allegedly cost
hundreds of thousands of dollars per appearance, which usually lasted
all of three minutes. Then he and his friends run around shouting
HOODY HOO and sounding like a bunch of morons. But remember, they’re
the good guys in this story.
The bad guys are the
ring technicians who wear cowboy hats and gave what appeared to be a
nice gift to Master P.’s brother. Keep in mind that WCW has weekly
NASCAR updates on Thunder, but we’re supposed to boo the cowboys.
This feud has been a disaster since the beginning and makes the least
sense of anything I’ve seen in a long time.
Eddie Guerrero vs.
Juventud Guerrera
Can we just keep this
match on for the next two hours or so? This is Eddie’s in ring
return after about six months off due to injury. A slap annoys Juvy
and Guerrero stomps away to take over. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
plants Juvy but he comes back with a hurricanrana for two. Eddie
takes over again with a belly to back suplex and they head outside.
After whipping Juvy into the barricade they head back inside for a
sleeper from Eddie as we take a break.
Back with Juvy in an
abdominal stretch but crawling over Eddie into a sunset flip for two.
Eddie starts going after the legs before nailing a brainbuster for
two. We hit the sleeper again until Guerrera counters with a belly
to back suplex of his own. Juvy pulls Eddie down by the hair and
nails a missile dropkick to send Eddie outside. A big suicide dive
drops Guerrero and a springboard spinwheel kick does the same back
inside. Eddie easily escapes the Juvy Driver though and grabs a
neckbreaker, only to pick Guerrera up and spin him around before
dropping him again. The Frog Splash is good for the pin.
Rating: C+.
Yep Eddie still has it. He looked as polished as he has in years
here and had a good comeback match minus a lot of the character stuff
he had going before the injury. Eddie looks like a guy that is ready
to step up to the next level, but I can’t imagine that’s going to
happen in this company.
Iaukea vs. The Cat
get the usual dancing and five seconds thing before Iaukea dropkicks
Cat out to the floor. They
slug it out on the floor with Iaukea going into the barricade before
it heads back inside. Iaukea nails an enziguri and Samoan drop for
two, only to have Sonny slip the shoe on Miller’s foot. A big kick
to the head is enough to end Prince and thankfully get us out of here
T. vs. Kanyon
has a Tag Team Title with him. Booker gets one of the biggest pops
I’ve ever heard him get. At least the fans can recognize talent. We
get things going with Mr. T. armdragging him down and scoring with an
awesome looking dropkick for two. The
big forearm and a clothesline sends Kanyon to the floor and us to a
break. Back with Kanyon
running from Booker on the floor before coming back in to duck a
sidekick and botch what looks like a Gory Stretch with Booker falling
off his shoulder.
neckbreaker and legdrop get two on Booker but he they head outside
with Kanyon taking over again. Back
in again and a surfboard has Booker in trouble but as usual, the hold
doesn’t last long. Some suplexes and a slingshot elbow get two for
Kanyon. Booker fights up with his usual and hits some kicks, only to
have Page and Bigelow come in for the DQ.
Rating: C.
Again, good stuff for the most part until someone ran in for the DQ.
That being said, Booker fighting off the forces of the Triad could be
interesting and could be a boost for him, as long as he doesn’t just
get back together with Stevie Ray to reform a tag team that stopped
meaning anything about two years ago.
like a 3D on the title belt leaves Booker laying.
brings out Piper and Flair, with entourage of course, for a chat.
Piper uses the usual cheap
lines about sports teams and mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Flair says Buff is a beggar and that he was with Bagwell’s girlfriend
last night. Buff comes out, gets beaten down and the brawl is on.
Actually make that a match according to Flair.
Good thing he and Piper just happened to be in their wrestling gear.
Bagwell vs. Roddy Piper/Ric Flair
tells Bagwell to make the same sounds his girlfriend made last night.
The old guys hammer away on
Bagwell and throw him out to the floor, only to have Anderson get
nailed in the face. Buff comes back in with a sunset flip for two
and nails all three guys. He slaps a Figure Four on Flair but Piper
makes a fast save. Some atomic drops have Piper reeling but he comes
back with that double ear clap. Piper
puts on the sleeper and the crowd just dies. That was almost
fights up and hits Piper low before slamming Flair off the top. Off
to Ric who ducks a dropkick and tries the Figure Four but gets rolled
up for two. Piper comes
back in as Malenko tries to come in but gets stopped by Mickie Jay.
Dean is allowed to be Buff’s partner as Bagwell clotheslines Flair
down and makes the hot tag to Malenko. Roddy breaks up a quick
Cloverleaf attempt so Dean slaps it on Arn instead. The Blockbuster
knocks Flair out but Piper hits Buff with brass knuckles and puts
Flair on top for the pin.
Rating: D+.
Well so much for Buff’s
momentum. By momentum I mean winning one match after losing every
big match he’s had for months of course but that’s a major push in
WCW if you’re under 38 years old. Piper continues to drag down any
match he’s in as his offense would have looked outdated in 1978.
Team Titles: Kanyon/Diamond Dallas Page vs. Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr.
would Kanyon work twice tonight when Bigelow is in their corner?
Page takes Mysterio into the
corner to start but takes a standing Lionsault and a dropkick to
knock him into the ropes. Off to Konnan for the rolling clothesline
but he walks into a jawbreaker. Kanyon comes in but walks into a
drop toehold, setting up a springboard legdrop from Mysterio. For
some reason Rey dives onto Bigelow, earning him a whip into the steps
as we take a break.
with Mysterio headscissoring
Page down, setting up a double tag to Kanyon and Konnan. Everything
breaks down with Konnan cleaning house and throwing Mysterio into a
Bronco Buster on Page. Kanyon
comes back with a legdrop between Konnan’s legs as Bigelow gets in as
well. Things settle down
with Page hooking a front facelock on Konnan. Back to Kanyon who
misses a moonsault, allowing for the real hot tag to Mysterio for
a springboard seated senton to Page. Rey dives onto Bigelow again
but with better results this time. Everything
breaks down again but the cowboys come in for the DQ.
Rating: D+.
Yet another DQ to mess up what could have been a decent match.
Konnan and Mysterio have nice chemistry together and putting them up
against three guys at once is a good way to make them look like
underdogs. Mysterio diving on Bigelow over and over again made him
look stupid though and slowed things down.
Saturn and the No Limit Soldiers run in for the save to try and
validate the latter’s pay.
vs. Sid Vicious
stand around for a bit before Sting avoids a charge in the corner.
Cue Savage and the girls to trip Sting and give Sid early control.
Sting makes a quick comeback
with a bulldog and kick to the face but Savage offers another
distraction to let Sid choke away. Some
kicks to Sting’s head and ribs have him in trouble but Sid stops to
yell at the camera. Another
boot misses and Sting hits the Splash, drawing in Savage for the DQ.
Rating: F.
This match headlined a show in 1989 and it’s headlining another show
in 1999. Is that really all WCW can come up with? And a DQ finish
to make sure neither guy has to look bad? The fact that it’s the
fourth DQ on the show doesn’t help either, as it makes things all the
more frustrating. This was barely a match.
comes in for the save and a long staredown and insults wrap things
up. Sting: “WE’VE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YOU!” A crotch chop ends
the show. Seriously.
Overall Rating: D.
I’m not sure how to describe this show. It was better than the
recent weeks due to less stupid stuff going on but the in ring stuff
was even more frustrating. Half of the matches ended via DQ, two
ended with foreign objects to the head, and one of the clean wins
lasted all of ninety seconds. This
show has almost completely stopped being about wrestling and is now
about every old, over the hill wrestler they can dig up. The
old vs. new stuff was still around but it’s clear that the story is
taking a backseat to the other old guys. Speaking of which, where
did Nash disappear to? He was just gone after half an hour.
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