123 Kid….finishers

Been watching the early Raws with you and it appears to me that they never gave the 123-Kid an actual finisher. In the RAW video game, it's a moonsault, but he doesn't finish a match with that on TV any times outside of the original Razor match that I can remember.

My question, could the 123 Kid heel turn have gone over better if he had a true "one-strike" finisher? Also, shouldn't he have just changed his name to "The Million Dollar Kid"?

Well, I mean, clearly they had no plans for the Kid as a serious guy and we all know the deal with why he even got pushed where he did.  They should have done a LOT of things with Evil Kid and just never did, much like Tatanka.  Although according to Titan Sinking, the Tatanka deal was that he himself did not want to change his gimmick, which makes him the giant idiot and not Vince.  
Anyway, Kid's finisher was frequently a leg lariat or spinkick variation, which was fine.  I was never a fan of the carpet muncher as a serious finish, but at least it was something that got over once he was Syxx/XPac.