Grumpy Cat hosting RAW….. I’m done.

HOWEVER, I am now switching to NXT.

Anyways, I’ve been watching a bunch of old Varsity Club footage. First thing, I am struck by how similar Mike Rotunda’s heel turn to join the Varisty Club is EXACTLY the same as Barry Windham turning on Luger to join the Horsemen. I had also totally forgotten that Danny Spivey was ever in the Varsity Club – I just remember them from when they brought in the Steiners.

But anyway, I was thinking…. would an increae in stables like the Varsity Club work in NXT (since RAW seems to be a lost cause)? I’m thinking for guys like Swagger, Henry, Ziggler (after the decide to deep six this current push, as they always seem to do), who have college athletics backgrounds, but seem to be treading water. They already have Ron Simmons, a legit collegiate athletics god, under contract. Use him as their “coach”, bring them down to NXT for a few weeks to fine-tune the gimmick…. hell, have Simmon and the VC down there on “scouting trips”. Maybe it would help provide some focus for these guys who don’t seem to have any focus. Hell, it worked for the World’s Greatest Tag Team…….

And if THAT works, I have some ideas for what they can do with Cesaro, Steen, Devitt and Kenta next…..

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​Well I mean, the Swagger/Real Americans deal was kind of in that vein, but then they broke up the team and forgot about him​ again after the Rusev deal.  But yeah, the Varsity Club worked well for the time as dickhead jock heels and it seems like an easy gimmick that could work again.  People ALWAYS hate the arrogant jock, which is why it's such an effective archetype in college movies and TV shows.  And right now you've got no shortage of guys like Swagger and Ziggler who had legit backgrounds to draw from and are kind of assholes anyway.
Or they could just spend money to have the fucking cat host the show, whatever.