Muraco’s Monday Morning Matches of the Week (11/10/14)

October baseball had taken the place of puro, as Game 7 of the WS in particular went ****¾, with an incredible Blanco assisted false finish. However, we’re back with some killer matches, this first one in particular should stand the test of time and be right up at the top of the MOTYC list when we get to the end of the year. The invent of iPPV and the consistency of the
DM page has made following along with the puro world incredibly
convenient. My first instinct is to say “best in-ring year ever”, but I
know full well it’s also the first time I’ve seen over 500 puro matches in a
calendar year, so this may be par for the course for all I know. Either way, it’s been a ton of fun..

NJPW: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Hirooki Goto – [11/8/14]

The absolute must-see match of the month, right here. The best word to describe Tomohiro Ishii would be “Matchsmith”. The guy is a friggin’ matchsmith, and he has to be the favorite for Wrestler of the Year at this point. This is on par with all of his 2014 classics, and the invent of iPPV has made this guy a legend. There is literally nothing finer than watching this guy murdering souls live on the big screen at 4am Pacific. He’s basically Bumgarner in spandex and shoulder tape, systematically dissecting the competition. It should also be noted that the once inconspicuous NEVER Openweight Title has been elevated to one of the 5 most important singles titles in the world.

ROH: AJ Styles vs. Matt Sydal – [Aired 11/1/14]

Not quite as strong as the Styles/O’Reilly match from a month before, but far beyond the norm. Even in 2014, when ROH is good they’re very, very good. There was some stuff here that I don’t remember seeing before, which is always a plus, and Sydal looked better here than he did on the Dragon Gate PPV against Ricochet. We also get the return of the GANZO BOMB! Anytime you get Bullet Club on U.S. television, it’s as good as you’re gonna get on North American TV.

DG: Millenials (T-Hawk & Eita) vs. Osaka06 (CIMA & Gamma) – [11/2/14]

A rematch of one of the better tag matches of the year, as CIMA & Gamma attempt to take the tag titles off of the best tag team in wrestling today, T-Hawk & Eita. Too fast for a play-by-play recap, as the action is akin to 4 quarters of a fast break hoop game that’ll run you out the building. Another feather in the cap of the best tag team in the world.

NOAH: Daisuke Harada vs. Zack Sabre Jr. – [11/4/14]

No need to front, NOAH appears to be in some serious trouble, with a fan base that consistently sits there as quiet and emotionless as possible. Their big tournament of the year, unfolding over the last few weeks, didn’t seem to add any additional excitement. Lost in the apathy was this gem, as Zack Sabre Jr. challenges for the Jr. Heavyweight Title. One can only imagine how this contest would have been received in front of the amazing Reseda crowds of PWG (i.e. elevated to an instant classic). Nonetheless, still a tremendous bout.