Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!
Hope you have all had a good weekend and this post sees you well as we head into the holiday season.

My question today is simple as I’ve been re-watching some of the Legends Roundtables. In the nWo one Kevin Nash said that it was going to be either Hogan or Sting as the third man. So simple question, what if Hogan completely balks and Sting is forced to make the move. Does the angle get over as strongly? Does Sting play the Hogan role or does Nash become the “leader”? Where can the angle go from there — does the nWo still run roughshot over the promotion for a couple years or does it become a heel machine for Hogan/Savage to conquer?

Personally my only real impression of Sting as a heel was when he was muscle for Eddie Gilbert so I don’t know how well he could carry it off. Hogan was a heel early in his career and as we’ve all pointed out even in his days as the face of wrestling his actions were sometimes heel-ish. Plus he was kind of an egomaniac so it was a natural fit. Clearly the nWo doesn’t have the same legs with Sting. Hogan going heel was a big deal in the wrestling world. Even if you didn’t follow WCW you were going to hear about Hogan going heel and it would possibly make you tune in just to see how it worked. Sting going heel would be big in the WCW world but it wouldn’t have had that same across-the-board reaction.

Oddly enough maybe it saves WCW for a while longer because so much money and resources wouldn’t have been invested in the nWo thus forcing WCW to expand beyond its capabilities. And then again maybe the wrestling boom period doesn’t happen. Hard to say.

Anyway that’s all I got so TV tonight:


MNF (Carolina vs. Philly)

Only a couple NHL games and five NBA games but two are intriguing (New Orleans vs. Cleveland & San Antonio vs. L.A. Clippers)

New Gotham, Castle, Sleepy Hollow, Dancing with the Stars, etc. etc.

Daily Show as Bruce Springsteen on tonight if you are a fan.

Enjoy and come out swinging but try to keep it clean!