ECW’s importance in wrestling history


It's been 13 years since ECW folded, and about 17 years since they were really relevant in the world of wrestling. 

I know you'd watched ECW from the mid-90's to the end so I thought I would ask what you think of ECW as a whole all these years later?

Do the big matches and angles still hold up? Do you see the whole thing as more of a fad that people got tired of quickly?
​It was mostly a fad that I got tired of quickly.  I can barely watch the early 90s stuff now, it just seems so embarrassingly low rent and amateurish.  That was part of the charm at the time, but the Attitude Era WWF stuff took that formula and really blew them out of the water.  Some of the matches still hold up and it's a nice change when I'm watching stuff like the Unreleased DVD sets because it is so different than the current homogenized product.  But overall its influence is pretty much limited to the 93-96 run because the ECW product goes off a cliff at that point, business wise and creatively.  IN MY OPINION, haters.  ​