BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

Alberto Del Rio Free of WWE Contractual Obligations

Del Rio announced this morning that he has reached an agreement with the WWE to be free of his contractual obligations and said that he will be working for Lucha Underground next year. You can listen to Del Rio’s interview by clicking on the link below.

How Did the WWE Come Up With the “ECW Week” Concept?

According to sources, the WWE came up with the ECW week concept just 48 hours before the announcement. Also, the network will be adding 3 ECW Home Video Releases of classic ECW Arena shows and 40 more episodes of ECW TV that is expected to put the library through February of 1996.

Credit David Bixenspan, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Kayfabe Commentaries Announces Next Release in Their WWE Timeline Series

2008 WWE as told by Brian Meyers (Curt Hawkins) will be released on December 16th.

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