BoD Saturday Night Thread

On tap for tonight:

The UFC is on tonight at 8pm EST on Fox Sports 2 then at 10:30pm EST over on Fox Sports 1.

College Football continues on tonight with several big games on TV. They include:

7:00pm EST: #18 UCLA vs. Washington on Fox Sports 1
7:15pm EST: Lousiville vs. Boston College on ESPN 2
7:30pm EST: #7 Kansas St. vs. #6 TCU on Fox
8:00pm EST: #5 Alabama vs. #16 LSU on CBS
8:00pm EST: #14 Ohio St. vs. #8 Michigan St. on ABC
10:00pm EST: #4 Oregon vs. #17 Utah on ESPN

In the NBA, there are seven games remaining to be played with the New Orleans Pelicans vs. San Antonio Spurs at 8:30pm EST on NBA TV.

The NHL has 12 games on the schedule today with Minnesota Wild vs. Montreal Canadiens at 7:00pm EST on the NHL Network.

Boxing is on HBO tonight with Bernard Hopkins facing Sergey Kovalev in a Light Heavyweight Championship match that starts at 10:45pm EST.

And the Raven Volume 1 shoot interview won the poll with 68% of the vote and that recap will be posted Thursday at noon.

If you haven’t voted yet today in the Place to be Nation’s “Greatest Song of the 90’s” tournament, make sure to do so by clicking on the link below to check out the songs in Group E