Belt Questions

Hi Scott,

Questions about your favourite belts –

1) Best World title belt

2) Best mid-card belt

3) Best tag belts

I pick the Big Blue belt worn by Austin circa 98 for world, the black I-C strap with red wwf logo (savage/steamboat) and the money inc tag belts with "World" in black instead of red. Your picks?


Wow, those are some super-specific picks.  OK, let's see:

1.  The original jewel-encrusted version of Flair's Big Gold Belt.  The WWE's toy belt version really killed the prestige after a while, but if you go back and see the original you really appreciate all the work that went into it.  

2.  The Nikita Koloff/Lex Luger version of the US title.  Probably just nostalgia talking, but that's the one I always associate with the title.

3.  Probably the NWA tag team titles from the same period.  And they lasted a LONG time, all the way into the NWA appearances on RAW in the 90s and I think into the TNA era as well. 

OK, so probably nostalgia was tinting my views here, I'll admit.