Thunder – June 17, 1999

June 17, 1999
Onecenter, Syracuse, New York
Larry Zbyezko, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
goodie it’s a taped show from before the pay per view. Thankfully
they’ve done a better job of having the commentary actually be up to
date with the most recent shows. The problem with that is the most
recent shows have been terrible so it doesn’t make things any better.
Let’s get to it.

Hangmen vs. Curt Hennig/Bobby Duncum Jr.
masked men who carry bullropes. I’ve never been to Texas but when I
go there, I better see about 18 million bullropes and bullrope
matches in the street or my heart will be broken. Hennig
and we’ll say #1 get things going with a technical sequence. Neither
guy gets anywhere with hammerlocks so #1 drops him with a shoulder
and chops away. Curt comes
back with chops and brings in Bobby so #1 can get double teamed for
a bit.
to #2 as the Hangmen get some double teaming of their own as Hennig
is held back by the referee. Bobby
nails #2 with a clothesline and makes the tag off to Hennig as house
is cleaned. The necksnap sets up choking with the Hangmen’s bullrope
and it’s back to Duncum for a powerslam. Hennig comes back in with a
knee lift followed by the HennigPlex to pin #1.
D+. So was this the Texas civil
war? Either way, the Hangmen were the old school masked jobbers who
looked intimidating but didn’t do anything in the ring. The good
thing is you can take any two guys on the roster and give them the
gimmick for the night and save the cost of bringing people in.
Knowing WCW, they brought in a dozen guys to see who fit the costumes
best and paid them all handsomely.
match Duncum hogties #1 until Konnan and Mysterio come out to beat up
the cowboys. The unmasked cowboys that is.
on Flair and Piper because Roddy
is still featured for
reasons I don’t understand.
Riggs vs. Disco Inferno
we can get going, Riggs has referee Johnny Boone hold the mirror for
a few moments. Disco’s
headlock doesn’t get him anywhere so he shoulders Riggs down. Scotty
comes back with a dropkick (still nice) and some hip swivels. They
feel each other out some more until Disco armdrags him down and
stomps away in the corner. The
dle rope ax handle connects and Riggs crawls over to check the
is goldbricking though and uses the distraction to send Disco into
the buckle and take over. He throws Disco outside, only to have
Inferno come back in with a sunset flip for two. A
clothesline and elbow get two on Disco but it’s mirror time again.
Now it’s Disco rolling Riggs up for two but getting punched into a
chinlock. Disco fights up
and tries the Last Dance, only to get sent into the buckle. They
crisscross and try cross bodies at the same time with Riggs landing
on top for two. Riggs goes
up but dives into a punch to the ribs, setting up the Last Dance for
the pin.
D. Scotty Riggs’ employment
continues to astound me. Yeah he has a great dropkick but is that
really enough to warrant him having a job for this long? What’s even
worse is that he somehow got a job in ECW and a PPV match against Rob
Van Dam after this run. Dull match but at least Disco won clean.
from the Master P. press conference.
from Konnan/Mysterio vs. La Parka/Psychosis from Nitro.
Karagias vs. Prince Iaukea
out process to start until Iaukea looks at the ground. Evan looks
down as well and gets nailed in the face because he isn’t that
bright. Prince gets
clotheslined in the corner but he jumps up in the corner to avoid a
charge. It looked good, but it would have been better if Evan
actually charged. Instead Evan dropkicks him in the back and slides
out to the apron for a
springboard clothesline as we take a break.
with Iaukea snapmaring Evan down for a kick to the back for two.
Evan tries a sunset flip but
Prince grabs the referee to stay up. Prince
kicks him down and puts on a surfboard for a bit as the fans just do
not care here. They head
back outside with Karagias being sent into various objects. Back in
and Iaukea puts on a chinlock to kill time. Evan fights up and flips
out of a belly to back suplex before planting him with a powerslam
for two. Prince tries a
fireman’s carry but gets rolled up for the pin.
D. Much like Riggs, I have no
idea why Iaukea continues to have a job. How can a wrestling company
watch his matches and think that he’s the best option for this spot?
The match was long and dull with neither guy doing anything special
and just killing time until they got to the finish. At least someone
new is getting a win for a change.
Week In WCW Motorsports.
Parka/Silver King vs. Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus
luchadores are thrown out to the floor until it’s Silver and Knobbs
in the ring. Brian nails a running clothesline in the corner and
it’s quickly off to Morrus. Hugh
destroys everyone in sight with a forearm to La Parka and a release
gorilla press slam to Silver King. He
misses a top rope elbow though and the skeleton man comes in off the
tag. A missile dropkick
puts Hugh down again and King comes back
in for some kicks of his
own. He nails a middle rope
moonsault and goes outside to get a chair, allowing La Parka to
dropkick Morrus into the steel.
in for some double teaming but La Parka clotheslines the wrong guy,
allowing for the hot tag to Knobbs. Brian
takes over with some clotheslines and a legdrop but gets kicked in
the head to put him right back down. It’s off to King vs. Morrus but
Brian sneaks in a chair shot of his own. A gutwrench suplex sets up
No Laughing Matter on Silver and we’re done.
C. I don’t know what’s gotten
into La Parka and Silver King lately but I wish it got into more
people. The match wasn’t
great or anything but it was a minor miracle given who was in there.
Knobbs and Morrus aren’t interesting though and I keep rolling my
eyes when they get wins as a team.
main event pyro goes off with well over half an hour to go in the
show. Awesome main event?
T. vs. Barbarian
not quite. This is Booker’s
first match in about a month after an injury. Booker grabs a hold
but gets nailed by a shoulder. To mix things up a bit, Booker grabs
a hold but gets nailed by a back elbow. With holds not really
working, Booker nails the flying forearm to put Barbarian outside.
Back in and we grab an armbar because Booker is overly confident in
his submission skills. Barbarian
kicks him down (I’m as shocked as you are) but eats a superkick,
sending him outside next to Jimmy.
in and Booker hammers away, only to walk into an overhead belly to
belly. They head outside together and Booker takes a chair shot as
we go to a break. We come
back with Barbarian using his standard heel offense (kick, strike,
choke, distract the referee so Hart can choke, etc), capped off by an
atomic drop. It’s chinlock time but Booker elbows up, only to get
choked right back down.
to the chinlock for a bit until Booker elbows up again (he needs to
get over this repetitive stuff) and starts his finishing sequence.
The forearm and side slam set up the sidekick but Jimmy grabs
Booker’s foot. The Kick of
Fear sends Booker outside but Barbarian takes too much time, allowing
Booker to hook a rollup out of the corner for the pin.
C-. Nothing to see here for the
most part as it was just a way to make Booker look good. Barbarian
continues to be a guy that you can depend on for a decent match like
this and he had that same match for the better part of ever. There
has to be something to someone who can stay employed without changing
anything in that many years.
of Savage vs. Nash. Haven’t I suffered enough from that match yet?
see Nash accepting Sid’s challenge on Nitro.
at the Beach ad.
now, here’s the ENTIRE eight man tag from Nitro to close things out.
Here it is, just so this isn’t the shortest Thunder review ever.
Flair/Roddy Piper/Kanyon/Diamond Dallas Page vs. Saturn/Chris
Benoit/Dean Malenko/Buff Bagwell
quite the tag match. The old guys run away to start until we get
down to Flair vs. Benoit. We get the required chop off until Benoit
backdrops him into the heel corner. Off to Page who has to be saved
from a Crossface attempt. Piper comes in and gets his wish to face
Bagwell, only to get punched out to the floor a few seconds later.
An atomic drop to Piper sends us to a break.
with Benoit escaping a belly to back suplex and rolling up Flair for
two. We get the pinfall reversal sequence with Benoit coming out on
the bad end of it. Flair tries the Figure Four but gets rolled up
again, only to have Benoit nail him with an enziguri and put him in
the Figure Four instead. Everyone comes in and the good guys put on
Figure Fours in a cool spot (Malenko screwed up at first). Bigelow
makes the save with a legdrop though and it’s off to Kanyon to work
on Chris. A middle rope Fameasser drops Benoit and Kanyon brings in
Page as the heels have him in trouble.
comes back in for chops before it’s back to Kanyon, who sends Benoit
into the discus lariat from Page. Piper gets the tag for his lame
punches before it’s back to Page for a stomping. We get the required
missed tag to Saturn, allowing the Jersey boys to suplex Benoit down.
Page goes up for the middle rope jump that is clearly designed to
jump into a raised boot and nothing else, allowing for the hot tag to
Bagwell. Everything breaks down until it’s only Malenko and Flair
left in the ring. Ric knocks him out to the floor but turns around
and takes the Blockbuster for the surprise pin.
Not bad here with the young guys FINALLY getting a big win. However,
this brings up the important question: how can Flair possibly come
back from this devastating loss to a fluke move from a former
champion that has been rising up the card for years? I mean, clearly
such a loss completely cripples Flair’s career and ends any potential
he’s ever going to have right?
I know the eight man wasn’t bad, but the fact that it was the second
time I’ve seen the match inside of a week is ridiculous. It’s very
rare that a match is important or good enough to air it again on the
next TV show and the eight man isn’t at that level. Other than that
there’s nothing worth seeing here and the show was far more dull than
anything else. Not being able to fill nearly half an hour of a show
is pitiful though.
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