Network tactics

Hey Scott, once they announced Rusev vs Sheamus for the US Title was going to air exclusively on the Network after RAW it was pretty much a given that Rusev was going to win the title in that match so they could say "Hey look, you missed out on this 'prestigious' title switch, get the Network FreeFreeFree!!!"

How long before they start doing things like putting the end of RAW on there? Or right before the next quarterly report they put Daniel Bryan's return (unlikely) or start a really good main event match and pull a WCWish "We're out of time, turn to the Network for the conclusion!"

It would be a way to artificially boost their subscription count right before quarterly report, but would the backlash be too strong and/or would USA have a fit?

USA would have a fit, I assume.  But frankly I'm shocked they haven't been doing all of those things, because it's long been a tradition in wrestling.  And really, they SHOULD be doing whatever they can to think outside the box and drive people to the Network.  Shoot big angles on Main Event now and then!  We're wrestling fans, we know the deal already and we're already preconditioned to put up with b------- like the above without worrying about it overly.