Blood, boobs or bad words?

Hey Scott,
So let's pretend WWE's corporate sponsors, investors and/or whoever else influences WWE programming collectively gives Vince McMahon the OK to bring back one "adult" element from the Attitude Era in an effort to improve ratings and subscriptions. Vince has the choice to bring back blood, nudity/sex (still cable-TV friendly) or cursing to WWE television.
If you were advising Vince, which one of the three would you tell him is best for business, and which of the three do you just personally want to see again?

​Boobs are best for business (and ratings patterns definitely used to prove that all the way into the HLA nonsense) but I don't trust the monkeys hammering on the typewriters now.  Not to mention that the current crop of Divas are barely even passable actors at the best of times.  
Personally, I'd like to see blood back, IN MODERATION, in important and meaningful places.  Like Hell in a Cell for a big feud.  Guys gigging themselves on TV because they want to pop a rating is a waste and the kind of barbaric nonsense that helped kill the Crockett territories under Dusty.  ​